Communities and countries and ultimately the world are only as strong as the health of their women – Michelle Obama

Communities and countries and ultimately the world are only as strong as the health of their women – Michelle Obama

Semaglutide & Weight Loss

With additional, potentially more effective GLP-1 receptor agonists coming online in the future, we’re at the beginning of a promising new chapter of obesity therapeutics - Julia Belluz

Abortion Rights

What I have learned above all else is that abortion is a blood issue. It is about who has power and who does not. If you want the right to abortion, you are going to have to fight for it. There is no compromise - Susan Matthews

Keto Diet

Keto diet may not be as healthy as some nutritionists and influencers want you to believe - Chloe Taylor

Abortion Pill

I bought them online. They’re easy to get, and they’ll change everything - Farhad Manjoo

Child Care

Child care should be universal and well-paid — not just affordable - Michelle Chen

Sexual Health

Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature - Marilyn Monroe

Women in Medicine

From the midwives of ancient times to recent Nobel Prize winners, women have always had a role in the advancement of medicine - Joan Steitz PhD


It is the unqualified result of all my experience with the sick that, second only to their need of fresh air, is their need of light; that, after a close room, what hurts them most is a dark room and that it is not only light but direct sunlight they want - Florence Nightingale


'Femtech' Is busting taboos around women's health and wellnes - Karen Pallarito

Facial Health

The belief that our faces convey information about our health is not a new one, existing across cultures and through history - Alex L. Jones

Long Covid

We are sick, we are here, and we need help - Leigh Jerome

Cosmetic Health

There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness. Maria Mitchell

Did you know?

Did you know?


Counterfeit pills are a big part of the story. High-quality pill presses can make the substance look like a legitimate medication. They look for all the world like the real thing - Daniel Ciccarone

Gender Affirming Healthcare

More teenagers than ever are seeking transitions, but the medical community that treats them is deeply divided about why — and what to do to help them - Emily Bazelon

Ohio Train Derailment

For this town, this is a Pearl Harbor, or a 9/11 - Ben Ratner

Gas Stoves

Stoves resonate with people. It is the only fossil fuel that we use where you’re standing right over the flame breathing everything that the stoves are emitting from their flame and from pipelines - Robert Jackson

Ukraine Conflict

Even before the war, the country struggled with epidemics of H.I.V., tuberculosis and hepatitis. The conflict threatens to undo decades of progress - Apoorva Mandavilli

Lab Leak

Scientists are human, and science has become a vested-interest industry - Tim Trevan


Erythritol differs from other sugar alcohols in a number of key ways. It is non-glycemic, non-carcinogenic, and non-allergenic. Also, it is far less likely than other forms of sugar alcohol – again like xylitol and maltitol – to cause gastrointestinal issues. But it does share one thing in common with its other alcohol buddies – minimal nutritional benefits - John Moody

Off Shore Wind Power

Offshore wind farms are also effective for climate change mitigation, but if they damage marine protected areas or biodiversity hotspots, most of their benefits will be lost in the long run - Josep Lloret Romañach

Tranq (Xylazine)

The tranq dope literally eats your flesh. It’s self-destruction at its finest - Brooke Peder

Electric Vehicles

Electric cars aren't pollution-free; they have to get their energy from somewhere - Alexandra Paul

Healthcare Inequities

The role of inequity in society is grossly underestimated. Inequity is not good for your health, basically - Frans de Waal

Undocumented Immigrant Healthcare

Our differences are what make us great. Let us think about how we can extend this appreciation to people of color, undocumented immigrants, and other members of the community - Janet Mock

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