When it comes to health, I hope we can help the next generations understand that there isn’t always an app for that - Doris Iarovici MD


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Future of Brands: Media as medicine in the age of well-being

Health and well-being is redefining the choices people are making in their lives: no longer a nice to have, health is becoming a real commercial driver. Consumers are often actively seeking new ways to embrace a more holistic lifestyle, choosing brands that help them better connect their mind, body and soul.

Brands are going to have to get on board and fully bake wellness into all of their products, services and experience. Especially when one considers that globally the market for health and wellness is expected to reach nearly £700bn by 2021.

Emerging values around health and well-being arrived along with Millennials but the next generation, Generation Z, are building…

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Last Updated : Monday, September 12, 2022