The emergency department is a place unlike any other on the planet. Life and death interactions happen daily - Robert Brandt MD


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EM Mindset...

What makes the practice of emergency medicine special? Why are we so different from the myriad of other providers that it is imperative we have our own subspecialty? It’s not like we have an –OLOGIST at the end of our name; those seven all-important letters designating to all they encounter that this doctor has a depth of knowledge about their specialty that exceeds all others. How would the -ologist define our specialty? I suppose it would start with what we do best; we are the masters of the differential diagnosis. To be a successful emergentologist, one must possess a depth of knowledge about physiology, critical care, and procedures that exceeds all other subspecialties. We must have it…

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 EM Mindset...

We are a life and death subspecialty. While most may argue that cardiology is the best doctor for the heart and anesthesia is the best doctor to manage the difficult airway, I would dissent. An emergentologist does not have the luxury of meeting their patients in a clinic where they can casually sip coffee as the patient provides a thorough and detailed history.

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