Dental Tourism

We all have colleagues across this planet who are very capable and knowledgeable experts in their fields. No dentist [in any] country is perfect - Maria Lopez Howell DDS

Dental Tourism

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Getting Dental Work In Mexico Part I – Clarifying Myths & Facts

So we finally went to the dentist in Mexico and I know many of you are very, very interested in the results. I’ll start off by saying I don’t necessarily have the fear that many might have of getting care in a “foreign country”. I was born in a foreign country, grew up in Asia, have been to the dentist in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, UK, US, S.America and have received both good and not-so-good care in my past. So going to get work done in Mexico is not that big a deal.

But I do think there are general precautions everyone should take up-front and there are some significant $$ advantages which makes it worth looking into. What I want to try to clarify some Myths and Facts…

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