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Our High-Tech Health Care Future is Coming: Let's Not Forget What It's All About

Much has been written about how digital technologies will change the game in health care, enabling consumers to play a much greater role in their own health. In fact, three years ago in a New York Times op-ed column I predicted a consumer-driven high-tech healthcare revolution. Since then a lot has happened, exceeding even my bullish predictions, especially the explosion in the number of startup companies developing a vast array of mobile sensors, wearables, health and wellness apps and a variety of clinical and consumer cloud-based services.

With the recent announcement of Apple’s Health App and HealthKit we may have reached the tipping point in…

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 Our High-Tech Health Care Future is Coming: Let's Not Forget What It's All About

There is every reason to hope that this impending tidal wave of health-tech innovations, when adopted by consumers and clinical organizations, will result in significantly decreased costs for our healthcare system and improved health outcomes for patients.

The 10 best apps for stroke survivors

Following a stroke, the body needs time to heal, and recovery time depends on the symptoms and severity of the stroke. We have identified the best apps to help stroke survivors with their recovery and rehabilitation.


Elevate is a new type of cognitive training tool designed to build communication and analytical skills.


Discover what you can do with Peak, the number 1 app to challenge your brain. Push your cognitive skills, train harder and use your time better with fun, stimulating games and workouts.

Stroke Awareness Foundation

Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in the U.S. and yet most people don’t know how to recognize a stroke. This app shows the signs of a stroke in simple easy graphics. If you or someone else is having a stroke this app will call 911 directly and instantly send text messages to as many as 3 emergency contacts notifying them that you are having a medical emergency and calling 911.

Tactus Therapy

Best-selling evidence-based speech therapy apps for adult neuro rehab. Resources and education for SLPs and families too!

VocalEyes AI

Sight is a gift, not a necessity. We want to help the blind navigate the world without the absence of vision holding them back.

Constant Therapy

Reinventing the delivery of speech, language and cognitive therapy - anytime, anywhere.


English and Spanish symbol-supported communication app to promote language development and grow communication skills, from beginning to advanced communicators.

Rocket Keys

Rocket Keys is an amazingly customizable talking keyboard for people with speech disabilities. This powerful app lets you build the perfect keyboard by choosing the exact keys, size, layout, colors, prediction, and voices you want. And because RocketKeys understands touch input from users with unsteady or imprecise hands, it is very physically accessible.


The SmallTalk™ Family of Communication apps are FREE and offer users extreme portability for practicing speech and communicating on the go.

Stop, Breathe & Think

Check in with how you’re feeling, and try short activities tuned to your emotions.

Stroke Riskometer

Stroke Riskometer™ is a unique and easy to use tool for assessing your individual risk of a stroke in the next five or ten years and what you can do to reduce the risk. The app can also give you an indication of your risk of heart attack, dementia, and diabetes.

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