Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Imagine going through your daily life where everything that you touch, or that touches you, where most every noise around you from a passing car or plane to children playing, causes you pain - Keith Orsini

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

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When to Listen- A Day In The Life With CRPS

I, like many, had never heard of RSD/CRPS until it actually happened to me. I remember on the ride home googling it after the 3rd doctor I had been to said it is what I more than likely had. After many tests and even more treatments, I was diagnosed with this mysterious disease but I still wasn’t sure what was happening to me. I have done a lot of research, and I am still learning new things every day. In my experience, most doctors do not know very much about RSD/CRPS so how can other people know?

In the world of invisible illnesses it is almost impossible for people without them to know what it is like to be you. I look fine. I look like a normal thirty-something woman who is going…

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