As parents, we warn our kids about the dangers of alcohol and drugs but teens are creative and always looking for new, inexpensive ways to get high and it looks like they may have a new legal one, smoking salvia - Stacy Matson


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Salvinorin A: Notes of Caution by Daniel J. Siebert

Salvinorin A (the major active principal of the plant Salvia divinorum) is an extremely powerful consciousness altering compound. In fact it is the most potent naturally occurring hallucinogen thus far isolated. But before would-be experimenters get too worked-up about it, it should be made clear that the effects are often extremely unnerving and there is a very real potential for physical danger with its use.

When the herb Salvia divinorum is consumed either by smoking the dried leaf or chewing the fresh leaves the effects are usually (but not always) pleasant and interesting, this is because when used this way the amount of salvinorin A absorbed into the blood stream is usually very…

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