Home Drug Tests

If you suspect your child has a substance use problem or disorder, my suggestion would be to drop the drug kit and to speak with a health professional - Dr. Sharon Levy

Home Drug Tests

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Should I Drug Test My Kids? Why the Experts Say No

Does anyone still want to do drug tests on their children?

Apparently so, because there are plenty of kits for sale (this is not the place to publicize them; they’re easy to find) and voices calling for the practice. Drug test-kit manufacturers don’t report their sales data, so it’s impossible to estimate prevalence—which is also a reflection of the lack of evidence for home testing as a screening tool.

But it’s a plain bad idea, according to a physician, a pediatrician, a social worker, a substance use disorder treatment provider, and a bereaved mom interviewed for this article. They all say much the same thing: Don’t do it.

And their main reason?


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