Diabetes Research

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Diabetes Research
Diabetes Research

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A Diabetic Dream

Type 1 diabetes is a discouraging disease. Despite the availability of synthetic insulin and increasingly sophisticated monitoring technology, it’s still a condition that requires incessant vigilance: Diabetics must constantly track their blood sugar levels and carefully use that information to calibrate drug doses. Even if you manage to do all of that well, bad days remain almost inevitable. Take too much insulin, and you can spiral into a hypoglycemic delirium. Take too little, and your glucose levels will rise, filling the body with dangerous levels of ketones.

Less immediately frustrating—but no less familiar for diabetics—is the state of diabetes research. Possible…

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 A Diabetic Dream

Can synthetic biology finally cure the autoimmune disease?

Diabetes Action

The Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation (Diabetes Action), a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 1990, is committed to the prevention and treatment of diabetes and to the funding of innovative, promising research aimed at finding a cure for diabetes and diabetes related complications.

Diabetes National Research Group

One of the research efforts supported by the Diabetes National Research Group is to identify antigens. Antigens are substances capable of inducing an immune response that might be involved in the onset of diabetes. T cells, immune cells that destroy invading organisms and help other cells make antibodies that cause diabetes, are transferred into recipient experimental models.

Diabetes Research Network

We aim to achieve benefits for people with diabetes, or at risk of developing diabetes, through excellence in clinical research.


Diabetesgenes.org aims to provide information for patients and professionals on research and clinical care in genetic types of diabetes.

Joslin Diabetes Center

Joslin Diabetes Center — dedicated to conquering diabetes in all of its forms — is the global leader in diabetes research, care and education. Joslin research is at the forefront of discovery aimed at preventing and curing diabetes.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is here to find a cure for diabetes and to help you deal with diabetes day-to-day.

National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse

Life has improved for people with diabetes, and research continues to offer hope. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) is committed to sharing the latest in health information. Visit the websites below to learn more about current diabetes research or to participate in a clinical trial.

Sansum Diabetes Research Institute

Sansum Diabetes Research Institute is a research center devoted to the prevention, treatment and cure of diabetes.

Society for Biomedical Diabetes Research

The SBDR is an international scientific society dedicated to the advancement of biomedical research to secure remission of diabetes and an improvement in patients' healthcare.

Aoki Diabetes Research Institute

The Aoki Diabetes Research Institute (ADRI) in Sacramento, California is a non-profit organization dedicated to research in the areas of diabetes and metabolism.

Banting & Best Diabetes Centre

The BBDC was established in 1978 as an extra-departmental unit of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto with the primary objective of advancing diabetes research, education, and patient care.

Boston Area Diabetes Endocrinology Research Center

The Boston Area Diabetes Endocrinology Research Center (BADERC) is a consortium of laboratory-based and clinical investigators whose efforts are directed toward addressing many of the major research questions bearing on the etiology, pathogenesis, treatment and cure of type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and their associated microvascular and atherosclerotic complications.

Diabetes Education and Research Center

The Diabetes Education and Research Center is a non-profit organization serving the needs of people living in Philadelphia, PA and surrounding communities.

Diabetes Research and Training Center

The University of Chicago Diabetes Research and Training Center (DRTC) provides resources for the support and coordination of the research and training activities in diabetes and related metabolic and endocrine disorders.

Einstein-Mount Sinai Diabetes Research Center

Cyclin-dependent kinase 4 is a preclinical target for diet-induced obesity Featured Article: Cyclin-dependent kinase 4 is a preclinical target for diet-induced obesity JCI Insight (Sept. 6, 2018) The Einstein-Mount Sinai Diabetes Research Center (ES-DRC) comprises a vibrant, extensive, diverse, well-funded and highly productive program that provides the foundation for high-quality and cutting-edge research in diabetes and related studies in obesity, metabolism and endocrinology...

Institute for Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism

IDOM enhances and supports research aimed at understanding the genetic, biochemical, molecular, environmental, and behavioral mechanisms underlying diabetes and obesity.


The latest on diabetes.

Michigan Diabetes Research Center

The Michigan Diabetes Research Center (MDRC) is a multidisciplinary unit of the University of Michigan funded by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases/National Institute of Health.

Vanderbilt Diabetes Research and Training Center

The Vanderbilt Diabetes Research and Training Center (DRTC) is a NIH-sponsored Diabetes Center that facilitates the discovery, application, and translation of scientific knowledge to improve the care of patients with diabetes.

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