We have already cured thousands of mice; it is time we started curing some people - Kevin D’Amour


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Diabetes Going Down for the Count?

Diabetes has already had one research miracle. Remember the recombinant DNA struggle? In 1977, there was a tremendous debate between scientists who wanted the research to go forward carefully, and the religious right, skeptics, and conservative politicians who wanted it stopped.

Fortunately for the health of humanity, recombinant DNA research was allowed.…

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 Diabetes Going Down for the Count?

The “credit card” is amazing, scientifically. It is porous, with holes so small the body’s attack cells can’t get through to kill the good cells, but the oxygen and life support nutrients can come in, and the insulin can get out. They have tried miniature versions on diabetic mice, and they were cured, again and again and again.

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