As obesity creeps into preschools, and hypertension and type II diabetes become pediatric problems for the very first time, the case for starting preventive health care in the cradle has become too compelling to keep ignoring - Heidi Murkoff


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Diabetes may be a major, overlooked reason Americans are now dying earlier

In 2015, a blockbuster study came to a shocking conclusion: Middle-age white Americans are dying at younger ages for the first time in decades, despite our advances in medical technology and the positive trends in other wealthy countries.

The research, by Princeton’s Anne Case and Angus Deaton, highlighted the links between economic struggles, suicides, and alcohol and drug overdoses. Since then, researchers have been scrambling to fully explain the trend, which now seems to be affecting the entire population. The efforts have suggested it’s not just “deaths of despair”— from opioids, alcohol, and suicides — that account for the dip in life expectancy, but that violence and cardiovascular…

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 Diabetes may be a major, overlooked reason Americans are now dying earlier

While death certificates usually suggest that around 3.5 percent of deaths were caused by diabetes, the researchers found the number may be closer to 12 percent — three times higher than the typical estimates.


A program of Beyond Type 1 a 501c3 nonprofit that connects, empowers, mobilizes #diabetes community.

Defeat Diabetes Foundation

The mission of Defeat Diabetes Foundation is to inform, educate and alert the general public, diabetics, pre-diabetics and elected officials about the disease.

Diabetes Action

The Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation (Diabetes Action), a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 1990, is committed to the prevention and treatment of diabetes and to the funding of innovative, promising research aimed at finding a cure for diabetes and diabetes related complications.

Diabetes Care

Diabetes Care is a journal for the health care practitioner that is intended to increase knowledge, stimulate research, and promote better management of people with diabetes

Diabetes Daily

You're a click away from a treasure of knowledge and support. If you're eager to start chatting, head straight to the forum.

Diabetes Forecast

DiabetesForecast.org, published by the American Diabetes Association, is the premier consumer magazine website for people living with diabetes or prediabetes. The website reaches highly engaged people who are actively seeking ways to live healthier, happier, and longer while managing their condition.

Diabetes Forums

Keeping you connected with the latest diabetes updates.

Diabetes Genes

Diabetesgenes.org aims to provide information for patients and professionals on research and clinical care in genetic types of diabetes.

Diabetes Health

Diabetes Health is the essential resource for people living with diabetes—both newly diagnosed and experienced—as well as the professionals who care for them. We provide balanced expert news and information on living healthfully with diabetes.

Diabetes In Control

The Mission of Diabetes In Control is to be the world leader of current and accurate on-line diabetes information for medical professionals, and to promote increased understanding of the care and treatment of diabetes, ultimately helping the medical professional to empower the patient to better self-care.

Diabetes Self-Management

Diabetes Self-Management is a publisher of authoritative, reliable health information for the growing number of people with diabetes who want to know more about controlling and managing their diabetes.

Diabetes Strong

The goal of Diabetes Strong is to provide a platform where people living with (any type) of diabetes can find all the information they need to live healthy and active lives.

Diabetes Voice

Diabetes Voice is the quarterly magazine of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). It covers the latest developments in diabetes care, education, prevention, research, health policy and economics, as well as themes related to living with diabetes. Diabetes Voice goes to the heart of issues that are crucial to all those who can further the promotion of diabetes care, prevention, and a cure worldwide.


The internet portal www.diabetes-news.de addresses diabetics and their relatives as well as physicians and other experts who deal with the treatment and care of people with diabetes.


Diabetes information that is easy to read and understand.


We offer a unique mix of news, views, reviews, guest posts, interviews, videos, cartoons, Q&A and any other type of quality content useful for people touched by diabetes.

DiabetesOne Portal

The DiabetesOne portal is provided as a service to the diabetes community by Impactiviti, an eHealth company (http://www.impactiviti.com). This portal also has a particular focus on raising the awareness of diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs), an under-treated condition.


Your home for engaging and helpful videos, articles, resources and more built by doctors for your needs.


DiabetesSisters offers a range of education and support services to help women of all ages with all types of diabetes live healthier, fuller lives. We understand the fear and isolation that often comes with living with diabetes because we are an organization that is managed by women who are living with diabetes.

Diabetic Gourmet Magazine

Dedicated to diabetic dining and healthy living.

Diabetic Mommy

Diabetes and pregnancy, fertility issues, gestational diabetes, parenting, women's issues.

Diabetics Doing Things

Diabetics do amazing things every day that go unnoticed. These are their stories.


diaTribe seeks to empower our readers with useful, actionable information that gives them hope for a better future, and helps them live happier and healthier lives. Our tag line is “Making Sense of Diabetes.”


Stay connected with diabetes information with dlife.

Integrated Diabetes Services

Integrated Diabetes Services is dedicated to helping you live successfully with diabetes.


OnTrackDiabetes is full of practical, up-to-date and medically reviewed articles, podcasts, webinars and video on the most effective way to manage blood glucose, your diet, exercise, mental health, and medications so that you can thrive with diabetes.

Taking Control of your Diabetes

TCOYD's Mission is to educate and motivate people with diabetes and their loved ones, to take a more active role in their condition, in order to live healthier, happier, and more productive lives.

The Diabetes News

The Diabetic News will keep you well informed and up to date with the latest developments in diabetes related health.

The Diabetes Quiz

The Diabetes Quiz is an educational program to help kids and adults learn about Diabetes.

A Sweet Life

We know that diabetes is a very serious and frightening disease, but we also know that life with diabetes can be normal. It can even be sweet. Rather than think about diabetes in the negative sense of an illness, we prefer to think of it as our lifestyle. And we are determined to be healthy diabetics. We believe we are succeeding, and we hope that the information we provide through this site will help you do the same.

Beyond Type 1

Founded in 2015 by Juliet de Baubigny, Nick Jonas, Sarah Lucas + Sam Talbot, Beyond Type 1 is leveraging the power of social media and technology, changing what it means to live with a chronic disease. By educating the global community about this autoimmune disease, as well as providing resources and supporting those living with Type 1 diabetes, Beyond Type 1 is bridging the gap from diagnosis to cure, empowering people to live well today and funding a better tomorrow.

Beyond Type 2

Launched in 2019, Beyond Type 2 is a program of the nonprofit organization Beyond Type 1. Beyond Type 2 is a place for everyone impacted by Type 2 diabetes to share their stories, get connected to the community, and find resources on topics from daily management to mental health.


Website provides an in-depth look at some cutting edge diabetes research your doctor may not have had time to read. It could make a huge difference in whether or not you get complications.

Children With Diabetes

The online community for kids, families and adults with diabetes.

Children with Diabetes Research Foundation

The mission of the Children with Diabetes Research Foundation is to fund human clinical trials leading to cure and prevention of Type 1 diabetes. We are the venture capitalists of diabetes research, getting new, clinically relevant, innovative research off the ground.

College Diabetes Network

CDN works for the day when all young adults with diabetes are motivated and equipped to live a healthy life, so they can pursue their dreams without compromise.

Diabetes New Zealand

The first port of call for New Zealanders with diabetes, those at risk and their families.

Insulin Nation

Insulin Nation® delivers comprehensive information about the technology and science of diabetes therapy, and curates the best, most relevant news for the 6.5 million people in the US who take insulin. Topics covered include diabetes-specific technology and medicine, the science behind a potential cure, wearable and wireless health tech, the rich data produced by meters, pumps, and CGMs, and the people and organizations that impact the everyday lives of our readers – the “Citizens” of Insulin Nation.


Diabetes is a disease that perhaps more than any other depends much more on the patient than on the doctor. Hence, the purpose of this website is to provide you with honest and accurate information to help you manage your diabetes.

National Diabetes Education Initiative

Your Online Resource for Diabetes Treatment.

One Drop

One Drop is a diabetes management platform that harnesses the power of mobile computing and data science to empower people with diabetes to live their best lives.

Open Insulin Project

We're a team of Bay Area biohackers working on newer, simpler, less expensive ways to make insulin.

Scott's Web Log

44, consultant, writer, speaker, brother, son, friend, partner, person with autoimmune (type 1) diabetes, former pumper, thinker, dreamer. Patients need to read the medical and scientific literature themselves before drawing conclusions. The popular press loves to publish abbreviated facts to fit into limited space, mine does not mince words or leave key facts out.

Six Until Me

I started Six Until Me in May of 2005 because I was tired of Googling “diabetes” and coming up with little more than a list of complications and frightening stories. Where were all the people who were living with this disease, like I have been since I was a little girl? Was I the only diabetic out there who felt alone?

The Nightscout Foundation

The Nightscout Foundation exists to encourage and support the creation of open source technology projects that enhance the lives of people with Type 1 Diabetes and those who love them. This includes fundraising, advocacy, and direct software and hardware development.


We believe that the purpose of technology is to help people. We are giving diabetes data a place to live. We’re taking open source approaches that have been proven in areas from banking to search to security, and we’re applying the same principles to diabetes software. You’d think we’d be late to the party, but we’re the first ones here.

Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet

We are an international network of leading academic institutions, physicians, scientists and healthcare teams dedicated to the prevention of type 1 diabetes. We offer risk screening for relatives of people with type 1 diabetes and innovative clinical studies to preserve insulin production.

American Diabetes Association

Our mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.

America’s Diabetes Challenge

America’s Diabetes Challenge: Get to Your Goals is a program from Merck and the American Diabetes Association to urge people with type 2 diabetes to work with their doctor to set and reach their A1C goal...


Information for the public and professionals about diabetes, including research, statistics, and educational publications.


This site is for you. Many of our new tools are tailored to your personal situation, you will need to register and create a profile in order to access them.

Healthcare Industry Today

Diabetes News. Service for global professionals. Constantly updated news and information about health.

Idaho Plate Method

The Idaho plate method is used for diabetes meal planning. It also works well for weight loss, teaching good nutrition, and improving blood glucose and lipids.


At JDRF, we're leading the fight against type 1 diabetes (T1D) by funding research, advocating for policies that accelerate access to new therapies, and providing a support network for millions of people around the world impacted by T1D.

Jewish Diabetes Association

The JDA (Jewish Diabetes Association) is the nation's first and leading Jewish non-profit, non-sectarian health organization devoted to diabetes education and advocacy.

Joslin Diabetes Center

Joslin Diabetes Center is the only diabetes institution in the world that goes beyond a single focus. With efforts in these three critical areas, a synergy develops: researchers, clinicians and educators collaborate in ways that produce cutting-edge scientific discovery, unique clinical care models and pioneering educational strategies.

Medical News Today

The latest Diabetes News articles published daily. Includes news on type I diabetes (insulin-dependent) and type II diabetes (adult-onset) and prediabetes - treatment, medications, breakthroughs, causes and prevention options.


NIDDK research creates knowledge about and treatments for diseases that are among the most chronic, costly, and consequential for patients, their families, and the Nation.


ScienceDaily is one of the Internet's leading online magazines and Web portals devoted to science, technology, and medicine.


WHO is the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system. It is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, shaping the health research agenda, setting norms and standards, articulating evidence-based policy options, providing technical support to countries and monitoring and assessing health trends.

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