Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome

Society has been underestimating the long-term consequences of viruses, bacterial infections, and parasites for ages - Hank Balfour and William Hoffman

Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome

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It’s Not Just Long COVID

Despite the initial disbelief and remaining questions, the phenomenon behind long COVID isn’t entirely new. We’ve always lived with post-infection illnesses and underappreciated their consequences. A recent article in Nature Medicine lists 15 infectious agents—many of which are well-known viruses, bacteria, and parasites—that can cause these “post-acute infection syndromes.” Long COVID is unprecedented in terms of its scale—it has affected many millions of people in the U.S. alone—but we should try to understand and study it in the context of other long illnesses, not as something that emerged out of nowhere with no comparison or antecedents.

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Last Updated : Tuesday, September 27, 2022