Herpes Zoster

Shingles was not on my radar. Old people get shingles. Then I remembered I was old - Chuck Nyren

Herpes Zoster

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Young People Get Shingles Too

A few years ago, in my mid-30s, I broke out in a rash that stretched horizontally across my torso, from the middle of my back to the front of my ribcage. At first, I thought it might be from wearing my bra too many days in a row without washing it. Weirdly, I also felt like I was coming down with the flu. Overnight, the rash got more prominent, and my flu-like symptoms got worse, so I went to see my primary care doctor right away.

In her office, I lifted my shirt and turned. Immediately and definitively, she told me I had shingles. What? “I thought only senior citizens got shingles,” I said.

Like many adults on the south side of middle age, I had barely even heard of the…

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