The SARS outbreak really informed us of what the impact might be - Martin Meltzer


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When Fear Went Viral

I can’t remember how many friends had lost their jobs before me, perhaps it was 11 or 12. I do recall that I was handed my notice three days after our weekly work drinks, which we had to move from an indoor bar in Hong Kong’s Central district to an outside venue in Happy Valley as some of my friends feared we’d be exposed to SARS indoors.

The horrific events of 9/11 only a year and a half earlier had already caused the Dow to drop just over 14 percent, losing $1.2 trillion and leaving the Asian Tiger economies flattened. When SARS seized this city in March 2003 it was attacking not only a vulnerable population but also a fragile economy. My job was cut in April; I was one of…

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