So the critical question is not are variants being produced. Of course they’re going to be produced. The critical question is do these variants make the virus more contagious, more virulent, and most importantly, far and away most importantly, have these variants evaded recognition by vaccine-induced immune response - Paul Offit


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XBB.1.5 shows we’re thinking about covid variants all wrong. Here’s a better way.

When it comes to watching the coronavirus’s evolution, the world is no longer tuned in to the same show. The first two years of the pandemic saw one major variant after another spring up and sweep the globe, like a quick change of a television channel. The original virus gave way to alpha, then delta and then omicron – with each version of the virus usurping the last. But over the last year, the explosion of omicron subvariants has amounted to a global TV playing hundreds of channels, with no one version dominating worldwide (or even across the same continent).

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