Cytomegalovirus, is in fact more common than Down’s syndrome, toxoplasmosis, spina bifida and cystic fibrosis - Paul Griffiths


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How cytomegalovirus evades the immune system

The human immune system is a large and complex beast, but in general it has two roles. Firstly, to prevent an infection from causing any harm and secondly to protect the body against a repeat attack. For many diseases protection against reinfection happens very efficiently, and this is the principle on which vaccines are based. By exposing your body to a non-harmful sample of the disease your immune system can built up resistance.

For cytomegalovirus however the immune system seems mysteriously unable to protect against reinfection, which is a major problem for the design and development of working vaccines.

Cytomegalovirus (hereafter referred to as CMV which is easier to spell)…

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