Maca Root

Climate change is being impacted by globalization and our food choices. Where local is the foodie buzz word du jour, it’s also often complemented with exotic foods from far away - Jill Ettinger

Maca Root

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The Shocking Reality of Peru’s Maca Root Industry: Can this Superfood Survive Our Insatiable Hunger for Exotic Foods?

Maca root is an incredible food. It has sustained Peruvians living high up in the Andes, where it’s one of the only foods to grow at such a high altitude, for centuries. But probably much longer than that.

A superfood in every way, revered all the way back to the days of the Inca, maca is loaded with protein and fiber. And it is also valued as an energizing aphrodisiac and fertility enhancer. Today, many Americans treasure it as a health enhancement with possible cancer-preventing benefits. It’s found in all kinds of dietary supplements, as well as in chocolates and smoothie ingredients—a mainstay in natural food stores across the country.

Maca root has also become a favorite…

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