Ashwagandha is called the magical herb in Ayurvedic circles, and it is considered to be nature’s gift to mankind - Hanah Life


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Why Ashwagandha Isn't for Everyone

By now you’ve probably heard the buzz about Ashwagandha. This traditional Ayurvedic herb is a powerful remedy for many of today’s ailments - stress, poor sleep and low energy.

From the Ayurvedic perspective, Withania somnifera is considered a rasayana or rejuvenative for its potent ability to restore depleted tissues, frazzled nerves and low sexual energy. With benefits ranging from blood sugar balance to antidepressant properties, certainly everyone can benefit from this magic herb? The answer is a little more complex. Read on to find out why Ashwagandha isn’t for everyone.

Traditionally, the roots of the plant are used for medicine. These roots are starchy, dense, heavy…

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Last Updated : Saturday, October 23, 2021