In the spirit of slumber parties, I want to have a sleepover and invite only narcoleptics - Jarod Kintz


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Narcolepsy: What We All Should Know

Narcolepsy. Though many recognize the word, relatively few of us know what it really means. And why should we? As far as sleep disorders go, it's not nearly as common as insomnia or apnea. And let's face it, it doesn't sound very sexy either. (As one patient put it, "Combining 'narc,' and 'olepsy,' sounds like an epileptic narcotics agent to me.") Actually, the term literally refers to sleep attacks. But it's so much more complex and interesting than that.

Why should we all know more about narcolepsy? First, many if not most persons with narcolepsy (PWN) remain undiagnosed and, therefore, are not receiving the treatment and support they need. The majority of PWN that I've seen in…

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