Personal Health Records

Health care is becoming more digitized and consumer oriented. It’s not an overnight change, but more like how summer turns into fall – gradual yet very perceptible - Greg Scott

Personal Health Records

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Managing Your Health Records Should Be As Easy As Managing Your Money

If you’ve ever had to deal with a health problem more serious than a cough, you know that keeping track of your medical records is a pain. If your doctor works for a major hospital, she may have a decent website where you can log in and, say, check your latest blood-test results. But moving information from one physician to another can be a slog that requires multiple phone calls bugging office managers to fax over files, because parts of the health care industry still rely on technology that felt retro in 2002.

Thanks to Apple, some of those frustrations may become a thing of the past. This year, with uncharacteristically little fanfare, the company rolled out a feature on the iPhone’s…

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