Vitamin D Deficiency

For most people, spending just five to 30 minutes outside twice a week is enough for the body to synthesize healthy levels of vitamin D - Amanda MacMillan

Vitamin D Deficiency

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Why vitamin D has the medical establishment totally confused

At some point in the last decade, screening blood for vitamin D levels became a routine part of medical care. Feeling a little low this winter? Get a vitamin D test. Think you didn't get enough sun last summer? Check your vitamin D levels.

In less than ten years, the amount insurers spent on testing rose from $1 million (in 2000) to $129 million (by 2008). Seventy-five percent of Americans are now on vitamin D supplements.

But, as the interest in and testing for vitamin D has become more popular, researchers have been wondering why: the benefits of these increasingly common practices aren't clear.

Those who have looked at the evidence base for vitamin D screening…

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