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World Prematurity Day: 5 Ways to Reduce Preterm Births

Each year, 15 million babies arrive too soon — before 37 weeks of pregnancy — but experts are still largely in the dark about why this is happening.
“Preterm birth is still a big black box,” says Chris Howson, vice president for global programs at the March of Dimes and a study author. “We don’t know the cause of 50% of all preterm births, and we still don’t fully understand the causes and mechanisms behind the other half.”

What is obvious is that the following five interventions can reduce the preterm birth rate from about 9.6% of live births to 9.1% and save $3 billion in the process:

  1. Discouraging elective C-sections and labor inductions unless there’s a compelling…

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Last Updated : Wednesday, October 7, 2020