Soap, water and common sense are still the best antiseptics - Sir William Osler


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Soap: How Much Cleaner Does It Actually Make Your Hands?

It's common knowledge that washing your hands often and well is the best way to prevent disease transmission. Many of us are accustomed to using soap during handwashing as a matter of course -- it's there in public bathrooms, it's in our homes, it's in the office kitchen. Then there are those miscreants among us who seem satisfied simply to rinse with running water before going back to their business. Who are these germ-mongerers, that they think they can ignore the very clearly labeled (and fragrant!) sudsy agents the rest of us use with such diligence?

Before we get too carried away in our indignation, it's worth pointing out that soap is neither the holy elixir we sometimes think…

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 Soap: How Much Cleaner Does It Actually Make Your Hands?

Many of us wash our hands with soap and water, but how much work is the soap really doing?

20 Seconds to Optimize Hand Wellness

One of the world’s most crucial and selfless acts is still simply washing your hands.

4 of the Most Dangerous Myths About Washing Your Hands

Washing your hands is your number one protection against the acquisition and spread of infectious disease. But you do not need to use antimicrobial soap to get the job done.

5 Songs Better Than 'Happy Birthday' to Sing During a Vigorous Hand Scrub

A few 20-second snippets you actually won't mind having stuck in your head while you anxiously wash for the "right" amount of time.

Global Handwashing Partnership

The Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing is a coalition of international stakeholders who work explicitly to promote handwashing with soap and recognize hygiene as a pillar of international development and public health.


Handwashing is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family from getting sick. Learn when and how you should wash your hands to stay healthy.

The Joint Commission

Hand hygiene is the most important intervention for preventing HAIs. Resources include...


Most health care-associated infections are preventable through good hand hygiene – cleaning hands at the right times and in the right way.

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