Stationary Bike Workouts

The future of exercise, or another fitness fad - Lauren Goode

Stationary Bike Workouts

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Indoor Cycling Is No Longer Excruciatingly Boring

For a recreational athlete who thrives outdoors, indoor workouts can be a chore. And for a spin enthusiast who loves the energy of a class environment, solo workouts can feel isolating. But when the weather turns icy and foul, an indoor, at-home workout may be the only option at your disposal. Luckily for those who prefer to get their fitness kicks by pedaling, a few new products and technologies are taking the pain out of indoor cycling. Thanks to our ubiquitous, high-speed internet connections, streaming video, and hardware improvements in indoor bike equipment, indoor cycling doesn’t suck anymore—it’s actually fun.

In recent years, the stationary bike has gotten a facelift, with…

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