There is overwhelming evidence that this material is seriously damaging the earth - Brooke Lierman


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Styrofoam Facts — Why You May Want To Bring Your Own Cup

Styrofoam may be good for keeping coffee hot, but it is also good for stirring up political controversy. That’s because many of the things that make styrofoam good for consumers and commerce also make it bad for the environment...

First, we are duty-bound to warn you that “Styrofoam“ is, legally, a trademarked name for a particular Dow product typically used as a building material.

But the word styrofoam is widely used in conversation and media when referring to expanded polystyrene foam — which you may use in that disposable cup or as “peanuts” to pack fragile things for shipping. Technical and legal sticklers may prefer the term expanded polystyrene, or EPS. The AP Stylebook…

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