Organic Food & Pesticides

It may seem counterintuitive, but foods that are grown to organic standards can contain commercially manufactured pesticides.- Maureen Langlois

Organic Food & Pesticides

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Yes, Organic Food Has Pesticides—but That Shouldn’t Scare You Off of Veggies

True or false: Organic produce is always grown without pesticides.

If you answered true…sorry, but you’ve got it twisted. Surprising, right?

The truth is that many organic farmers rely on pesticides and herbicides—substances used protect crops from insects, weeds, and infections—from a relatively small list that’s regularly vetted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). But that doesn’t mean that organic food is unsafe to eat. Here’s the lowdown about pesticides in organic food.

Why do we use pesticides again?

Even with the best farming practices, it’s hard to control every potential pest problem in food production. “Pests threaten farmers’…

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