Raw Foods

Before I got into raw food, I felt rubbish and I most definitely looked rubbish - Russell James, the Raw Chef

Raw Foods

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The Raw Food Diet, Overcooked

Raw food diets have emerged as a pop culture preoccupation. They seem to have considerable traction in the public psyche, as evidenced by the volume of websites they populate, and the coverage they command in print.

It is doubtful they have comparable traction at the dinner table, of course. We have enough trouble getting people to eat a reasonable amount of reasonable foods, and to renounce ingestibles that glow in the dark. In this context, it seems a bit far-fetched that we would shift, en masse, to a strict diet of raw, unprocessed foods.

But our appetites for the concept, and the claims made in its defense, seem insatiable. So let's chew on it.

In pure form, raw…

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