Pegan Diet

You've heard of paleo, you've heard of veganism – now, put your hands together and what have you got? The 'pegan' diet - Ellen Christian

Pegan Diet

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Can the pegan diet actually make you hot and save the planet too?

Post pandemic re-entry is spawning a whole new glow up industry. Suddenly everyone is hiking, biking, dieting, “detoxing,” and botoxing. The pegan diet — a diet that combines elements of veganism and paleo eating — is making a strong comeback. Proponents claim that it can help you lose weight, gain lean muscle, and save the planet. Isn’t that what all diets claim, though? Here’s the skinny on whether the pegan diet is healthy or just more wellness hype.

What is the pegan diet?

First of all, the term “pegan” is coined by Mark Hyman, a doctor and nutritionist. Legend has it, two colleagues on a panel were arguing about whether eating vegan or eating paleo…

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