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What the Hell is the Golo Diet Anyway

You probably stumbled upon the mysterious GOLO Metabolic Plan while desperately searching for weight-loss programs after New Year, and if you perused their website, you also probably have no... clue what the GOLO Metabolic Plan actually is. That’s because their website is crowded with healthy-sounding jargon that seems designed to confuse wide-eyed dieters into believing the hype, such as, “The secret to sustainable weight loss is to eat more food, not less while optimizing your metabolism and maintaining healthy insulin levels to lose fat.”

Simple! But like… how does that even work? With the help of nutritionist David Friedman, author of Food Sanity: How to Eat in a World of Fads…

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 What the Hell is the Golo Diet Anyway

And what the HELL is the deal with their secret supplement?


GOLO was developed to find a natural and effective weight loss solution. We’re different because our plan was created by doctors and researchers – not marketers. We want our customers to break free from the dieting cycle and be free to never diet again.

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