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You can define an era by its nondairy milk alternative. The demand is there: Some people can’t digest milk, and others are allergic to it, and others object to industrial dairy because of its treatment of animals, or workers, or the environment - Rachel Sugar

Dairy Free

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Hold the Milk? There Are So Many Options Beyond Dairy

Not milk? Choosing milk for your morning cereal or coffee used to be pretty simple: skim, low-fat or whole. These days, though, market shelves and refrigerators are crowded with an array of alternatives: soy, almond, rice, hemp and more.

While some people opt for these beverages because they're vegan, they have allergies or because they're lactose intolerant, the beverages are increasingly popular for another reason too. "We're all being encouraged to eat a more plant-based diet, and some of these products fit that category," says Andrea Giancoli, a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and a policy analyst at the Beach Cities Health District…

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 Hold the Milk? There Are So Many Options Beyond Dairy

For vegans, those with allergies, the lactose intolerant and others, soy, almond, hemp and rice are among the nondairy milk options available at stores.

18 Treats You Might Not Know Are Dairy-Free

Which isn’t to say they’re good for you. But the lactose-intolerant deserve – no, DEMAND – equal access to junk food.

Dairy-Free State

I decided to start Dairy-Free State for people who have been dairy-free for years, and for those who are just figuring things out, because I never had anywhere I could go to when I started out. This blog is designed to create dialogue and a home for everyone on the dairy-free spectrum (we can’t let the gluten-free people have all the fun!)

Go Dairy Free

You've arrived at the leading informational website for dairy-free living. New recipes, product reviews, and informational posts are added daily...

Milk Free Mom

Hi! I’m Lyndsay. I’m a busy, food obsessed mother to an adorable food allergic toddler. If you’re a mom (or dad) trying to manage a family member’s milk allergies, then this site is for you. If you’re just trying to eat good food on a dairy free diet, then don’t worry. We have you covered too.

Milk-Free Pantry

We are a growing directory of products containing No Milk, Lactose, Whey, Casein, Butter, Cream, Cheese or Other Milk Derivatives. For people with milk allergies, lactose-intolerance, high cholesterol, or who are on a post-cancer, low-fat, vegetarian, diabetic or other non-dairy diet.


The No Milk Page: Books & Links, Lactose Maldigestion/Milk Allergy/Casein Intolerance. On the web since 1996

So Delicious® Dairy Free

Nestled within Oregon’s lush Willamette Valley, So Delicious® Dairy Free has been bringing joy to dairy-free lives for more than twenty-five years. We offer an array of delicious dairy-free delights you can feel good about sipping, biting, pouring, scooping, licking, and chugging throughout your day.

Dairy Free Betty

I started blogging after being laid off to from a job I truly loved (working with youth!) and was looking for a hobby to keep me occupied during my new found downtime. Having just being told that I likely had a dairy allergy, I spent many hours looking for dairy free blogs and resources to help me on this new dairy free adventure. When I began blogging in 2009, there was not that much out there to help guide me down this path.

Dairy Free Omnivore

Through this blog I hope to be able to help and share with others who are transitioning from a life of dairy to a life without dairy. And to do it without having to give up your favorite foods, just tweak them a little bit.

Dairy-Free & Gluten-Free Kitchen

The Dairy-Free & Gluten-Free Kitchen offers more than 150 flavor-packed recipes created especially for those who must avoid dairy and gluten in their diets–proving that you no longer have to abandon the foods you love, even when you do have to give up the dairy and gluten that doesn’t love you.


Deliciously dairy free...What’s in a name? For us, everything. The Daiya name is taken from the Sanskrit word Dayaa, which means "loving, kindness and compassion". Our vision has always been to embrace our love of food, our commitment to kind living, and our compassion for people and our planet. These are the core values on which our company was founded, and they remain our driving principles today.


Divvies fun-foods are available to share with families and friends across the country. Divvies cookies, popcorns, and cupcakes are made in the company’s-own dedicated facility where no peanuts, tree nuts, eggs or milk enter the doors. Divvies candies, frosting, and sprinkles are certified by their manufacturers to be peanut-, tree nut-, milk-, and egg-free and are packaged in Divvies Bakery.


Imagine Foods makes some of the best-selling organic and natural brands–Rice Dream, Soy Dream, Imagine Natural Organic Soups and Broths, Soy Dream and Rice Dream all-natural frozen desserts and Chocolate Dream solid, non-dairy candy bars.


Silk believes in the goodness (and good-for-you-ness) of plant-based foods. Our soymilk, almondmilk, coconutmilk and other delicious products are simple, wholesome and nourishing, just as nature intended.


Not just ice cream anymore! Tofutti’s ice cream-like pint size desserts have been available around the country for years. But did you know that the man, David Mintz, Tofutti CEO and founder, who put the fun back in ice cream, also makes a wide variety of other dairy-free soy based products? Like our dairy-free Better Than Cream Cheese, Sour Supreme, and Ricotta Cheese, that can add a tasty soy-enriched lift to your recipes.

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