Stem Cells

Stem cells are a little like blank slates that are yet to take on a specific task. If you rewind the clock on any of your body's tissues, its cells will become less specialised, until you're left with a cell with a lot of potential to become nearly anything - Mike McRae

Stem Cells

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The Holy Grail of Medicine: On the Mystery and Power of Stem Cells

More and more, modern science and medicine is and will be the province of the stem cell. Day by day, researchers are unveiling the mystery of the stem cell and its power for regenerating tissue that is healthy and repairing tissue that is diseased or damaged.

Stem cells are proving to be the silver bullet, the Holy Grail of medicine. They could alleviate all manner of suffering, whether it's caused by disease, injury, or genetic fate. Different stem cells possess different powers.

Embryonic stem cells, for instance, have the capacity to re-create and repair any of the body's tissues and organs. Scientists often call these cells the "gold standard" of stem cell research.…

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