The doctor has been taught to be interested not in health but in disease. What the public is taught is that health is the cure for disease - Ashley Montagu


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Why I Chose Public Health

Q: Why did you choose a career in public health?

A: While I was getting a BS in nutrition, I took a few classes in community nutrition, public health, and women’s health – and was just blown away by the work to be done on the policy and planning side to reach communities and prevent problems before they started, instead of waiting to work with people once they were already sick. Based on these insights I started working outside of the nutrition lab to expand my horizons and took a job in the local women’s center. This changed my life and my passion for public health began. I knew we needed to address barriers in policy and education so that we could focus on protecting women and…

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 Why I Chose Public Health

When I think about public health I think about preventing diseases, not just putting Band-Aids on them.

3 Emerging Trends Creating New Public Health Careers

“Because the field of public health is so broad, individuals can pursue a variety of career paths in a number of industries,” he says. “There’s really never been a better time than now to pursue a career in public health.”


Find your place in the public health Field.

Public Health Institute

The Public Health Institute offers a broad array of career opportunities both in our administrative offices and in our many program sites. Due to the diversity of our program areas, the disciplines and skills necessary to carry out the important work of these programs are varied. Staff positions range from senior research scientist to accountant and from technology specialist to human resource generalist, among many others.


Are you ready to step up to our challenge to take on a rewarding career that can change lives for the better? We are looking for innovators and leaders, who love a challenge and want to inspire others and make a positive impact.


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is the world's premier biomedical research institution. Discover what makes NIH such a great place to work!

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