Physician Assistants

Medicine needs to see PAs as partners, not medical assistants. Medicine needs to let us into their organizations, especially with the number of clinicians we have in specialty care - David Mittman PA

Physician Assistants

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For Physician Assistants, One Word Can Mean a Lot

In the PA community, one word can mean a lot.

I'm a physician assistant (PA) and am also an athletic trainer (ATC). As an ATC, I labored for over a decade performing care and prevention of injuries for athletes ranging from professional and elite level college players to sixth grade soccer teams. The title "athletic trainer" was always a point of contention for ATCs, and it's debated on a regular basis. It certainly was tiring to constantly have friends, patients, and colleagues from other professions ask me things like, "So you work with horses?" or "Oh I see, you are one of those people who help put together workouts for gym members," etc.

When I became a PA, I walked…

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