Emergency Nurses

Save a life, you're a hero. Save a 100 lives, you're a nurse - Unknown

Emergency Nurses

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The Hemorrhage of Emergency Nurses

I started my medical career late. Really late. By that time, I’d lived a few lives, I’d earned a boatload of initials, I’d changed husbands, languages and continents, I’d written a useless novel and I’d been a Mary Kay lady. One day over lunch, as I was looking for something to do with myself, my husband suggested medicine. I spent the next nine years immersed in my medical training, feeling guilty every time I spent time with my family, but I digress.

The day I landed in my emergency department, I was on the wrong side of forty, sporting a short copper red haircut not yet seen in humans and an accent that still takes my patient’s mind off their misery (they’ll spend their…

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