Genomic Medicine

Bringing genetics into medicine leads to more accuracy, better diagnosis, and personalized treatment—but for some, gene testing has only resulted in unanswered questions - Carrie Arnold

Genomic Medicine

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A Powerful Diagnostic Tool for Some Diseases, With Great Potential for Others

Genome sequencing is already proving to be a powerful diagnostic tool, especially for birth defects, cognitive impairment and autism.

As more and more genomes are sequenced, there is great potential for it as a public health tool to identify individuals that are at high risk for serious but preventable genetic disease. For example, those who are predisposed to a greater risk of breast and colon cancer have become much easier to identify through analysis of their genes. The actress Angelina Jolie and writer Elizabeth Wurtzel have both advocated in this paper for greater application of the breast cancer test of the BRCA genes as a potential life-saving measure.

There is also…

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