Cardiovascular Surgeons

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Cardiovascular Surgeons

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Charles Darwin and Vascular Surgery

Darwin’s theory of evolution represents one of the landmark intellectual revolutions of human history. He proposed that organisms change over time as a result of changes in heritable traits. A closer look at the evolution of vascular surgery during the past fifty years makes one believe that Darwin’s theory of natural selection is truly applicable to the ever-evolving field of Vascular Surgery.

It was not until 1982 when the first ever Certificate of Special Qualifications in General Vascular Surgery was issued to Dr. Edwin J. Wylie. Before being recognized as an individual surgical specialty, vascular operations were routinely performed by general surgeons or cardiothoracic…

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 Charles Darwin and Vascular Surgery

Using Darwin’s theory of mutations, Vascular Surgeons modified themselves to learn endovascular techniques to adapt to newer modalities of treating patients.

Endovascular Today

Endovascular Today is a publication dedicated to bringing you comprehensive coverage of all the latest technology, techniques, and developments in the endovascular field. is the world's largest and most comprehensive resource for topics related to cardiovascular perfusion, blood management and platelet therapy. Here at, we are continually striving to provide the most current resources and information on all aspects of the perfusion and the cardiovascular surgery industry.

Vascular News

Vascular News is the vascular and endovascular specialist's one-stop source for news, views, comment and controversy. Vascular News is an editorially independent newspaper which reflects the voice of vascular specialists.

Our goal is to give physicians and patients access to the latest research, provide information about treatments and techniques, and raise awareness of the opportunities and challenges presented by these new less invasive technologies.


At VATA, we are committed to offering you some of the world's most realistic anatomical health care models.

BMJ-Vascular Surgery

The latest from the British Medical Journal.


CardioBrief is a one-stop source for new and important information of interest to cardiologists and other cardiovascular healthcare professionals.


The website enters its 14th year of providing the premier website dedicated to Computed Tomography Scanning (CT scanning). The site provides a range of content ranging from CT scan protocols for CT scanners from Siemens Medical, GE Healthcare, Phillips Medical and Toshiba Medical to a series of over 600 weekly vodcast and podcasts addressing a wide range of CT topics.


CTSNet is the most comprehensive, most heavily trafficked, and most reliable online source of information about cardiothoracic surgery available worldwide, and its online community of cardiothoracic surgeons is the largest in the world.


Clinical Trials in Cardiology & Vascular Diseases.


SonoWorld was launched in 1999 as a way to use the emerging Internet to provide free educational materials to ultrasound practitioners in developing countries around the world. As the founders explored ways to accomplish this mission, it became apparent that there was a global need for a centralized resource for information as well as educational resources, and that this could best be accomplished by creating a new education-focused virtual community for physicians, sonographers and industry.

The Heart Surgery Forum

The Heart Surgery Forum is a peer-reviewed, scientific journal for cardiothoracic surgery professionals. Featuring full multimedia - sound, video, color still images, and text - HSF uses print and the internet in conjuction with CD-ROM.

The Pipes Are Calling - A Vascular Disease Blog

This blog aims to highlight cases -- typical and atypical (but always interesting) -- that illustrate the thought process of this vascular surgeon in working up and treating patients with vascular diseases.

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