Radiologic Techs

There is no safe amount of radiation. Even small amounts do harm - Linus Pauling PhD, Nobel Laureate

Radiologic Techs

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What is a Radiologic Technologist? 4 Common Misconceptions

4 Common Misconceptions About Radiologic Technologists...

1. No, we can’t tell you what we see in your x-ray. That’s called interpreting images and out of our scope of practice. We could lose our license for doing that. Plus, if we did….what’s left for the Radiologist?

2. We are not Technicians. Technicians fix the equipment. We are trained for two years on how to acquire diagnostic images through the skilled use of the equipment.

3. We aren’t “just button pushers.” That’s like saying pilots just “stare out the front window of the plane.”

4. I’m not a Doctor or Nurse. Just because…

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