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The shift of the jobs is going more toward informatics. The people who were nurses, they are now joining IT. People who were transport people, they have joined information technology - .Dr. Shafiq Rab

Health IT

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How technology is poised to create a career boom in health care

As a family physician, Jon White dealt with mountains of paperwork every day. From charts to medical histories and prescriptions, each patient came with their own bundle of papers. Sometimes the script was illegible, and sometimes sheets would get lost. When he was on call and asked to consult on a case from home, White often couldn’t verify patient details since the files were back in the office. White thought there had to be a better way to address these challenges.

“I came to appreciate that in order to deliver great care, you need great information,” White said.

The idea led him into the burgeoning field of health-care information technology, which includes everything…

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