Enzymes are things invented by biologists that explain things which otherwise require harder thinking - Jerome Ysroael Lettvin


image by: Billie J. Swalla‎SICB (Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology)

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Seven Projects Pushing the Boundaries of Biology

Biologically, the Anthropocene has been remarkable. For millennia, humans have altered our planet by clearing land for cities and agriculture, hunting animals into extinction, and introducing invasive species into vulnerable ecosystems. We've had an effect at a global scale through climate change and microscopically with the introduction of antibiotic resistance.

Until relatively recently, scientists have actively ignored these human-nature entanglements. The field of biotechnology in particular has been known for its reliance on a reductionist approach to ecosystem complexity and control of the natural environment. But with the rise of Anthropocene-aware thinking, there has been a…

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