Investing in Healthcare

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Investing in Healthcare
Investing in Healthcare

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Is there a better market to invest in than healthcare?

Recently, as I was scheduling a routine procedure, the nurse asked for my fax number so she could send me the pre-op procedures. A fax machine in today’s age? I was flabbergasted, as this was from an affiliate of one of the most sophisticated medical institutions in the United States, if not the world. I asked her to send me an email, and she indicated her systems were not equipped to do that but she might be able to scan the instructions and email them to me.

In light of the sweeping spread of Covid-19 and the increased pressure that has been and will continue to be brought to bear on the healthcare system, my experience becomes almost chilling.


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 Is there a better market to invest in than healthcare?

We shouldn’t need a pandemic to inform us that we need to bring our healthcare administration practices into modernity — or to show investors the opportunity they have to bring about much-needed change.

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