But what you need to know, America, is that in the ER you don’t ever want to be first - Jennifer Kawasaki


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How to Fix the Emergency Room

Hospitals are making a push to fix one of the most irritating issues in health care: the emergency room.

Armed with new research and strategies borrowed from the business world, some facilities are trying to ease the frustrating experience of waiting, filling out forms, explaining a problem—and then waiting some more.

In many cases, making things smoother for patients means completely rethinking how emergency rooms work. Some hospitals are scrapping the traditional triage process and putting patients straight into exam rooms, while others are creating treatment areas for patients with only minor complaints. Other facilities are installing software to monitor ER wait times…

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 How to Fix the Emergency Room

ERs are notorious for long waits, endless forms and inconsistent care. Now researchers and hospitals are rethinking the ways they work—with impressive results.

3 Solutions For Emergency Department Delays

Doctors and nurses tend to resist changes to their care-delivery methods, insisting that the old way has worked for centuries. The truth is, forcing patients to wait in the Emergency Department is unnecessary and dangerous. Improving patient flow can and does reduce hospital costs while improving clinical outcomes.

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