Health Information Technology

Medicine has become an information technology. The advances in health care are being developed by entrepreneurs and scientists all over the world. There is no stopping this - Vivek Wadhwa

Health Information Technology

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The Health Data Conundrum

THERE’S quite a paradox when it comes to our health data. Most of us still cannot readily look at it, but there’s been an epidemic of cybercriminals and thieves hacking and stealing this most personal information.

Last year hundreds of breaches involving millions of health records were reported to the Department of Health and Human Services — with the hackings of the health insurers Anthem and Premera Blue Cross alone affecting some 90 million Americans. At least 10 hospitals and health care systems have had their patient data and information systems literally held for ransom. This month, the national medical lab Quest Diagnostics reported that information on 34,000 patients had…

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