Electronics keep getting closer to us—from a computer on your desk to a Fitbit on your wrist, we’re just scratching the surface - John Rogers


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Meet The New Wave Of Wearables: Stretchable Electronics

If you purchase La Roche-Posay sunscreen this summer, it may come with a complimentary device that looks something like a heart-shaped Band-Aid. But it’s even thinner—half the width of a human hair—and unlike a Band-Aid, it contains miniature electronics that connect to your smartphone and monitor your sun exposure in real time.

Launching in June from La Roche-Posay parent company L’Oréal, My UV Patch is the first stretchable electronic for mainstream consumers. Stick it anywhere on your skin, wear it for up to five days, and use the accompanying app to see how many rays you’ve soaked up. If it sounds simple, it isn’t: the tiny device contains…

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 Meet The New Wave Of Wearables: Stretchable Electronics

Scientists have figured out how to make electronics as pliable as a temporary tattoo—meaning the next big tech platform may be your skin.

10 Healthcare Wearables, Devices Dominating CES

This year's wearables go beyond basic step counting to measure core health data such as blood pressure, vision quality, and body temperature.

Top 15 Wearables in Healthcare

Smart technology is certainly something that will be the key to the optimal operating of our future society, especially when it comes to healthcare.


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