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Monoclonal antibody therapy is definitely one of the most promising areas of medicine, both now and in the future - Kat Arney

Maca Root

Sometimes food is medicine, and sometimes that medicine is an aphrodisiac. Such is the case with Andean staple maca - Jeanne L D Osnas

Macro Diet

The macro diet has gained popularity over the past few years, with individuals able to consume any foods that fit within their daily macronutrient (‘macro’) requirements. Instead of solely focusing on counting calories, there is an emphasis on counting and tracking macronutrients - Tai Ibitoye

Macrocyclic Peptides (Zosurabalpin)

Zosurabalpin is highly effective against the bacterium carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii (Crab), which is classified as a “priority 1” pathogen by the World Health Organization due to its growing presence in hospitals - Jonathan Cox


Since the discovery of the progenitor macrolide, erythromycin, in 1950, many derivatives have been synthesised, leading to compounds with better bioavailability and acid stability and improved pharmacokinetics - George P Dinos


Macrophages provide a first line of defense in the innate immune response to pathogens. They have the unique ability to engulf material (phagocytosis) and eliminate debris. In addition, they release biologically active proteins called cytokines and recruit other immune system cells to stop the infection from spreading - Lauren Martin MS CNS

Macros (Macronutrients)

Getting enough of all of these essential nutrients is vital to health. Figuring out the best ratio for you depends on several factors and may change depending on your age and exercise routine - Dana Angelo White MS RD

Macular Degeneration

While about four of every five people with AMD have the dry form of the disease, it’s the so-called “wet” form that most concerns ophthalmologists, because it accounts for 80-90 percent of all legal blindness associated with the disease - Stanford Med

Macular Dystrophy

Macular dystrophies, one of the major causes of vision loss affect central vision which results in difficulty seeing straight ahead, reading, driving, & performing many day to day activities. The good news is total blindness is not likely - Stacy Matson

Macular Dystrophy & Glenn Beck

Macular dystrophies affect central vision which results in difficulty seeing straight ahead, reading, driving, as well as performing many day to day activities. The good news is total blindness is not likely

Mad Cow Disease

Scientists believe new ways to treat Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Lou Gehrig's disease could emerge from research into another neurodegenerative disorder: mad-cow disease - Amy Dockser Marcus


While health professionals might hope the public seeks its advice from professional channels, the reality is the media is destined to remain an influential source of information for many people - Amanda Wilson

Maggot Therapy

A truly revolting treatment Is having a renaissance - Marion Renault

Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybin)

If you’re looking to play it safe when it comes to illicit substances, look no further than the humble shroom. It’s non-addictive, hard to overdose on, and you can grow it yourself - Sara Chodosh


Magnesium has never been a nutritional superstar, but in recent years, research has confirmed its many crucial roles in the body and uncovered new potential benefits. Notably, it’s involved in energy production, cell growth, blood pressure, bone health and the functioning of the heart, nerves and muscles - Berkeley Wellness

Magnesium Laxatives

Magnesium has a temporary laxative effect. It works to help relax the muscles of the intestines, which encourages easier passage of stools. Because it naturally draws water into the intestines, it increases the size of the stool and softens it, triggering a bowel movement - Macie Maislin

Magnesium Supplements

Magnesium is so important to so many vital body functions, and its deficiency is integrally involved in so many diseases, that more than one researcher has dubbed magnesium a miracle in its ability to resolve or improve numerous disorders - Katherine Czapp

Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography

It has now an established role in the investigation of many biliary disorders, serving as a non-invasive alternative to endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) - Nyree Griffin

Magnetic Therapy

Is it all about money and a placebo effect or is the cynical, skeptical scientific community missing something? Richard C Senelick MD

MAID (Medical Assistance In Dying) Canada

Canada’s euthanasia program, known officially as Medical Assistance in Dying, or MAiD, is one of the most permissive assisted suicide regimes in the world — and set to become even more so in March 2023, when euthanasia for the mentally ill will become legal - Jane Stannus

MAID in Canada

Times have changed, however, and now there’s a new kid on the block when it comes to determining one’s end of life. Medical Assistance in Dying or MAID, is an option either already available or soon to be accessible to anyone of sound mind who feels it would be better to end it than to continue on suffering with no hope of recovery. - Shilo Zylbergold

Maintaining a Healthy Balance of "Fair and Balanced"

Not all opinions are created equal. So why do news media so often go out of their way to place those hocking scientifically unsupported fringe beliefs on the same footing as those espousing the near unanimity of the scientific community?

Making Earth Day Matter

Earth Day is nearing 50, yet it seems to have been more impactful in its formative years. What needs to happen for “the largest civic-focused day of action in the world” to be more than a huge empty gesture?


If there’s any one disease that can be described as “global” in its reach and in the impact of its consequences - it’s malaria - Malaria Hotspots

Malaria & Cheryl Cole

Malaria is a potentially fatal disease but the good news is that it is preventable, so plan wisely and prepare for healthy and happy travels - GlaxoSmithKline

Malaria Are We Approaching Eradication

A non profit company, Institute for OneWorld Health is doing its part to help eradicate malaria from the face of the earth by developing affordable medicines

Malaria Vaccines

A highly effective vaccine for malaria is still probably a ways away, with lots of huge technical hurdles ahead — and in the frustrating world of pharmacology, no mouse result is ever worth staking too much confidence on - Kelsey Piper and Rachel DuRose


Malathion, another of the organic phosphates, is almost as familiar to the public as DDT, being widely used by gardeners in household insecticides, in mosquito spraying, and in such blanket attacks on insects - Rachel Carson

Male Baldness

I don't consider myself bald, I'm just taller than my hair - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Male Birth Control

Whether it's an IUD, a shot, an implant, or a daily pill, birth control is a regular part of many adult women's lives. It has left a lot of women asking: Why not men - NPR

Male Cancer

Though sporting a hideous mustache is in no way comparable to the physical pain and mental suffering men with these diseases endure, Movember still forces participants to challenge their manhood on a daily basis... David Sax

Male Contraception

Whether it's an IUD, a shot, an implant, or a daily pill, birth control is a regular part of many adult women's lives. It has left a lot of women asking: Why not men - NPR

Male Fertility

As with most sensitive health issues, myths and rumors are common place regarding male infertility. While some of these have truth behind them, not all are based in reality - David Samadi MD

Male Masturbation

If a woman does it, it’s empowering. If a guy does it, it’s dirty. So goes the old, tired, and false narrative about masturbation - Mystery Vibe

Male Reproductive System

The male reproductive system is one of the humans' most complicated and drawn-out body systems - Sana Shujat

Malignant Hyperthermia

Malignant hyperthermia (MH) can be caused by any inhalational anesthetic, other than nitrous oxide. MH usually occurs intraoperatively or in the very early postoperative period (up to an hour after finishing anesthesia) - Josh Farkas

Malignant Otitis Externa

Otitis externa, colloquially known as swimmers ear or tropical ear, is an infection of the external auditory canal (Figure 1). In the elderly, diabetics, AIDS patients, and the immunocompromised it may progress to Malignant Otitis Externa (MOE). Also known as Necrotizing External Otitis, it is an aggressive form of OE. Prognosis has improved with antibiotics but MOE still has a high rate of mortality - Elizabeth Yetter MD

Mallet Finger

Nonoperative management has been advocated for almost all mallet finger injuries; however, complex injuries are usually treated surgically. There is still controversy regarding the absolute indications for surgical intervention - Gregory A. Lamaris

Mallory Weiss Syndrome

Mallory-Weiss syndrome (MWS) is one of the common causes of acute upper gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding, characterized by the presence of longitudinal superficial mucosal lacerations (Mallory-Weiss tears) - Prashanth Rawla

Malrotation with Volvulus

In the undifferentiated sick neonate, always consider a surgical emergency such as malrotation with volvulus - Dr. Tim Horeczko


Of all the sugar alcohols, maltitol’s properties are the most similar to sucrose - Food Insight


Maltodextrin is commonly spotted hiding near the bottom of ingredient lists of packaged or processed foods. It’s a white, powdery, nearly flavorless starch derived from rice, corn, potatoes, or wheat - Greatist

Maltose (Malt Sugar)

Maltose is kind of a mimic of sugar, so to say. Also, it has existed for at least as long as grain -in thousands of years. It was discovered when Homo sapiens arrived, who used it for invert beer - Simon

Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to be a Cowboy or a Canuck

Football is an exciting, violent sport. And, no offense to the Aussies and Canadians, so is rugby and hockey. Head related injuries have always been part of the game. But do they need to?

Mammogram Conundrum

Mammogram screening for women in their 40's may do more harm than good! However, the list of celebrities and people you know who have survived breast cancer is very long and none of the women would be here if they had followed the new guidelines


Mammograms are really sort of a gift. You can either catch something early or count your lucky stars because nothing was discovered. Either way, you're ahead of the game - Charlotte Ross

Mammograms are Lousy Women Deserve Better

Putting special interest groups aside, don’t we owe it to ourselves to raise our voices and our pink ribbons in support of the development of even better methods and means of screening for breast cancer for the women we love?

Mammograms Is There an Alternative

Women deserve better! It's time to replace the mammogram, the gold standard for breast cancer screening. The problem is there's nothing on the horizon, yet

Manage Agitation

Though psychiatric illness can be associated with presentation of acute agitation, experts reinforce that new onset agitation in a patient without clear history of psychiatric disease should be presumed to be from a medical etiology until shown otherwise -Courtney Kein MD

Manage Delirium

The fluctuating presentation of delirium makes it difficult to recognize but we should be attentive to certain hallmarks, including alterations in attention and awareness and acute changes in cognition. These can be associated with hallucinations or other perceptual disturbances - Nery Porras MD

Manage H. pylori

Helicobacter pylori is one of the most common human pathogens and it has been estimated that about 50% of the world’s population is currently infected. The present consensus is that, unless there are compelling reasons, all H. pylori infections should be cured - Hiroshi Matsumoto

Managed Care

Odds are you have managed care -- but do you understand it? At its core, managed care is about money - Keith Speights

Management Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s disease is complex, and it is unlikely that any one drug or other intervention will ever successfully treat it in all people living with the disease. Still, in recent years, scientists have made tremendous progress - National Institute on Aging

Management Asthma

Promoting the use of long-term controller medications as part of a patient’s management plan is key to managing this disease - Tiffany Budzinski FNP

Management Benign Prostate Hypertrophy

The good news is there are now quite a number of ways to alleviate the symptoms of B.P.H. short of surgery to remove part or all of the prostate, which can cause other problems, including erectile dysfunction - Jane E. Brody

Management C. diff

Prior recommendations of metronidazole for first-line treatment in mild CDI are now replaced with oral vancomycin in adults, although metronidazole may still be considered as first-line in otherwise uncomplicated pediatric patients and as an adjunct IV therapy in fulminant CDI with oral vancomycin = Brandon Carius MPAS PA-C

Management Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

At the end of the day, the only proven way to treat CHS is to stop using marijuana. Permanent cessation of marijuana leads to the only assured cure - Desirae Quinlan

Management Community Acquired Pneumonia

The vast majority of pneumonias are caused by only 2 bacteria: Streptococcus pneumonia and Haemophilus influenzae. All strep pneumonia and most H flu are susceptible to penecillin or amoxicillin - Alexander Hartt and Anton Helman

Management Crohn's

The goal of medical therapy is to induce remission with medications, followed by the administration of maintenance medications to prevent a relapse of the disease. The concept of induction of remission and maintenance of remission is very important, as there is an overlap of medications used to induce and maintain remission - Ajay K. Gade

Management Diabetic Foot Infections

An accurate identification and differentiation among different types of DFI still represent a challenge for the clinician. The appeal to multimodality imaging and a multidisciplinary approach are mandatory in order to plan the most appropriate therapeutic strategy for the single patient - Chiara Lauri

Management Diabetic Foot Ulcers

The standard practices in DFU management include surgical debridement, dressings to facilitate a moist wound environment and exudate control, wound off-loading, vascular assessment, and infection and glycemic control - Estelle Everett and Nestoras Mathioudakis

Management Epiglottitis/Supraglottitis

Epiglottitis should be high on your differential for the bounce-back patient who continues to complain of worsening sore throat - Matt Rogers MD

Management Fentanyl OD

The opioid toxidrome includes three prominent findings - CNS depression, miosis, and most importantly, respiratory depression - but presentations may be variable - Chris Lipp

Management for Hanging Injuries

Non-judicial hangings are those that occur in homes and jails. They are usually not associated with any significant drop and frequently lead to incomplete suspension, with part of the victim’s body still in contact with the ground. For this reason, near-hangings are associated with very different pathophysiology and injuries than complete, judicial hangings - Ashley Menne MD

Management Ingrown Toenail

The best method for treating patients with an ingrown toenail has long been debated - Dr. Daniel Poratt & Dr. Amanda Oakley

Management Lyme Disease

While the treatment of its early and late stages is relatively simple with 10-14 day and four-week courses of doxycycline, respectively, the main problem rests in the understanding of the etiology and pathology of post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome (PTLDS) - Norris C. Talbot

Management POTS

While some people with POTS will require medications, most will improve with three behavioral changes alone: higher sodium (salt) intake, compression garments, and gradual exercise - Dara K. Lee Lewis MD

Management Recurrent C. Diff

The main risk factor for CDI is taking antibiotics, which is why doctors discourage unnecessary antibiotic use. Ironically, first-line treatment for CDI is also antibiotics. About 20% of people treated with antibiotics will develop recurrent infections, and the best way of clearing recurrent CDI is with FMT - Jessica Allegretti MD MPH

Management Shigellosis

Management TB

The world is sorely in need of new ways to prevent TB, not just treat it. Drugs to stave off the infection do exist, but the monthslong regimens are difficult and people often do not finish the prescribed courses - Apoorva Mandavilli

Management Tear Gas & Pepper Spray

Initial management involves copious irritation of the affected area with water. There is limited evidence that decontamination with milk, milk of magnesia, or baby shampoo is better than water. Always consider projectile or blunt trauma - Hong Kim MD MPH

Management Tick Bites

The symptoms of tick-borne illnesses are often nonspecific and are easily misdiagnosed early in the course of illness... however, most of these illnesses will present with a fever and rash - Jennifer Bellis MD MPH

Management Toxic Shock Syndrome

Systemic illness plus blanchable, diffuse rash or ‘pain out of proportion’ should clue the clinician into TSS, either from S. aureus or S. pyogenes. Half of the cases are from tampon use, while other common precipitants include nasal packing and surgical wound infections - Cameron J. Gettel MD

Management Ulcerative Colitis

The goal of these treatments is to put you into a remission and keep you there - Benjamin Cohen MD

Management Varicose Veins

Typical treatment for varicose veins is safe, minimally invasive, minimally painful, and usually performed on an outpatient basis - Ava Shamban MD

Mandates Covid-19

Mandates may certainly seem like an attractive option to help stem the spread of the disease, as long as everyone affected has equal access (and credible exemptions are possible).. But perhaps a more foundational effort is necessary to rebuild trust in science – potentially making mandates unnecessary - John Letzing


The derivation of its name from the Greek word for magic remains appropriate, because scientists are still working to understand the diverse effects of manganese deficiency and manganese toxicity in living organisms - Linus Pauling Institute

Manicures & Pedicures

Both manicures and pedicures have been increasing in popularity among men...Although it has been traditionally seen as a “feminine” treatment, having clean and presentable nails has become more acceptable and attractive in men, and even encouraged - Bfab

Mantoux tuberculin skin test (PPD test)

While widely used, the TST has limitations, such as cross-reactivity with BCG and the potential for false positives due to non-TB mycobacterial exposure. Despite these challenges, the TST remains a valuable tool in skin test of tb diagnosis, complementing other methods and contributing to global skin test of tb control efforts - My Care Labs


Our planet has a poop problem. The extreme excrement production of farmed animals directly affects your health, goes largely unregulated, and you’re actually paying for the privilege of being poisoned. This is one public health crisis we should all give a crap about - Emily Moran Barwick

Manure Fertilizer

Who needs a flashy package of tiny granules when you can feed your plants with manure? Pound for pound, the nutrient content of manure may be lower than most synthetic fertilizers; manure, however, provides the carbon compounds (organic materials) that build soil structure—something synthetic fertilizers cannot do - Brian Aldrich


Indeed, most professionals I talk to consider the diet to be the principal danger, when in fact the interaction with other truly contraindicated drugs produce the most dangerous reactions - Philip Grossi MD

Maple Syrup

No longer just reserved for pouring over pancakes; maple syrup has had a surge in popularity over the last few years, with many ‘clean-eating’ chefs and food bloggers swearing by this as a staple alternative to table sugar in cooking and baking -

Marathon Man, Meet Marathon Goddess

Running 52 marathons in 52 weeks to raise money and awareness to stop pancreatic cancer was an incredible journey. But we’re not done yet! Pancreatic cancer still needs to be stopped - Julie Weiss


The marathon can humble you - Bill Rodgers

Marathons 100 Marathons in 100 Days

Everyone has goals or something important they want to do before they die. But what motivates people to commit and ultimately achieve their goal?

Marburg virus

A cousin of Ebola, the Marburg virus has erupted periodically in Africa in sudden, gruesome epidemics, only to disappear just as mysteriously - Sharon LaFraniere & Denise Grady

Marcus Gunn Pupil

A Marcus Gunn pupil, also known as a relative afferent pupillary defect (RAPD), is a non-specific sign on physical examination that indicates partial optic nerve dysfunction. It is mainly due to unilateral optic neuropathy (e.g. optic neuritis), or rarely optic chiasm or optic tract lesions - Yuranga Weerakkody

Marfan Syndrome

Turns out that Marfan’s is a disorder of the connective tissue in the body which, basically, holds us together. Kind of important stuff - Brooke Siler


The truth is, there never was any good evidence that using margarine instead of butter cut the chances of having a heart attack or developing heart disease. Making the switch was a well-intentioned guess, given that margarine had less saturated fat than butter, but it overlooked the dangers of trans fats - Harvard Health

Marijuana & Breastfeeding

I am not trying to promote its use. I think what I would say is, it is not advisable to use it while you are breastfeeding at all. We do not know all of the long-term consequences - Thomas W. Hale PhD, Founder, Medications and Mothers’ Milk

Marijuana & Epilepsy

In more recent times, cannabis has returned as a possible treatment for epilepsy thanks to parents who have turned to the plant after anti-epileptic drugs failed to help - Mari Lodi

Marijuana & Hollywood

Marijuana is not addictive, does not kill brain cells, does not induce violent behavior, does not cause side effects, and is relatively inexpensive. Yet, 800,000 people are arrested annually. So, what's La-La land doing about it?

Marijuana & Pregnancy

More pregnant women are using marijuana. We don’t know if that’s safe - Julia Belluz

Marijuana (THC)

Recreational use of marijuana is more or less tolerated in most countries. Even the United States is turning over a new leaf what with several states allowing the lawful use of marijuana - HWN

Marijuana Breathalyzer

Unless there’s a scientific breakthrough to find a biometric that indicates intoxication that’s currently unknown, marijuana breathalyzers may never work - Chris Roberts

Marijuana Edibles

Eating edibles isn't the same as smoking cannabis, as some people have found out the hard way - Phillip Smith

Marijuana Synthetic

Most people, though, think ‘spice’ is a seasoning for your food like paprika or pepper. They think ‘K2’ is a famous mountain. And that’s exactly what the makers of this dangerous drug want non-users to think - Spice Addiction Support

Marine Envenomations (Bites)

Marine envenomations can cause a diverse array of clinical syndromes. Systemic and life-threatening reactions, as well as delayed presentations, can occur - EB Medicine

Marine Medicine

Ancient people worshipped, prayed, and sacrificed to the ocean for the powers of healing and power it possessed. While the mentality has changed, the influence over people and medicine today has not - Gabi Goodrich

Maritime Medicine

Maritime emergencies of all types and magnitude occur on a regular basis. From ship wrecks to piracy, from fire to a medical emergency, there are many situations that can arise on board that pose a risk to the seafarer, the ship itself, the ship owner and insurance company and the environment - Suzanne Stannard


When we divide good marriages from bad ones, we learn that it is the relationship, not the institution, that is key - Stephanie Coontz

Marriage & Family Counselors

Be an informed advocate and support ― Asa Don Brown

Martial Arts

Martial arts are often equated with the phrase, “mind, body, and spirit” because they allow an individual to explore all three - Andrea Harkins

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Jr. famously claimed that health inequity “is the most shocking and the most inhumane” of all forms of inequality. Dr. King also knew that undoing that inequity, or unraveling the many negative effects of racism on human health, was no easy task - Enrique W. Neblett Jr. PhD

Martina Navratilova - Get the Bloody Mammogram

This may be an opportune time to consider replacing the controversial and imperfect 'gold standard' mammogram with a less invasive screening tool. There must be something out there!


The popularity and social impact of MASH can’t be denied. It is one of the most widely syndicated TV series in the world

Mask Mandates

Masks right now appear to be a highly effective, low-cost measure in the fight against COVID-19. Everyone should consider that, but lawmakers must not ruin it - Kevin Pham MD


With masks come something else: mascne, or mask acne, an unfortunate side effect of daily mask-wearing - Medea Giordano & Louryn Strampe

Masks & Children Covid-19

It’s clear from the data that masking children is irrelevant to Covid outcomes - Ashley E. McGuire

Mass Shootings

If guns don't kill people, why do mass killers arm themselves with guns - DaShanne Stokes


While massage may have developed a reputation as a decadent treat for people who love pampering, new studies are showing it has a wide variety of tangible health benefits - Andrea Petersen

Massage Therapist Careers

Employing their unique set of tools, "magic hands" and a "magic touch", massage therapists relieve pain, reduce stress, unwind bound-up muscles, and just plain make people feel better - U.S. News & World Report

Massage Therapist CE

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself - John Dewey

Massage Therapist Jobs

Job market is expected to be highly favorable for massage therapists who have completed formal training and examinations - Health Career Web

Massage Therapists

Massage is the study of anatomy in braille - Jack Meagher

Massive Hemorrhage Protocol

When a patient is exsanguinating, having a standardized massive hemorrhage protocol (MHP) enables rapid and coordinated delivery of life-saving blood products, medications. Every one-minute delay in receiving the first pack red blood cells (pRBC) in a bleeding trauma patient is associated with a 5% increase in mortality - Saswata Deb & Priyank Bhatnagar

Massive Transfusions

When a patient is exsanguinating, having a standardized massive hemorrhage protocol (MHP) enables rapid and coordinated delivery of life-saving blood products, medications. Every one-minute delay in receiving the first pack red blood cells (pRBC) in a bleeding trauma patient is associated with a 5% increase in mortality - Saswata Deb & Priyank Bhatnagar

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

In people affected by MCAS, chemicals called mast cell mediators are released too frequently or abundantly, and/or in response to triggers that are not typically considered to be harmful, for example; foods or chemicals in the environment. This can lead to which causes a wide range of symptoms that affect multiple parts of the body - Mast Cell Action

Mast Cells

Mast cells are (in)famous for their role in allergic diseases, but the physiological and pathophysiological roles of this ingenious cell are still not fully understood - Joakim S. Dahlin


Women now have the choice of mastectomy (including a nipple-sparing technique) or lumpectomy with radiation. How and why women make these decisions is complicated and always personal - Karuna Jagger

Mastectomy Angelina Jolie - Beauty Redefined

The whole world is once again talking about Angelina Jolie and not because she's adopted another baby, donated money to another charity, built another school, or has finally married her partner, Brad Pitt. No, it's because...


In the past, mastitis has been regarded as a single pathological entity in the lactating breast. However, scientific evidence now demonstrates that mastitis encompasses a spectrum of conditions resulting from ductal inflammation and stromal edema - Katrina B. Mitchell


Diagnosing these disorders is often a long, complicated process involving many areas of specialty medicine. Many patients suffer declining health for up to 10 years or longer before finally being diagnosed - Mastocytosis Society Canada


In spite of modern standards in the treatment of AOM and wide use of antibiotics in the treatment of this disease AM is still relatively frequently encountered, and in some cases, can lead to intracranial or intratemporal complications - Józef Mierzwiński


Masturbation is almost certainly the most common human sexual practice. Though statistics about private sexual behavior vary widely, there's little dispute that the vast majority of both men and women will masturbate over the course of their lifetime - Hugo Schwyzer


While the science behind matcha green tea may remain shrouded in mystery, popular culture seems to have adopted the green powder as part of a movement toward improved health and wellness - Jessica Reveles

Maternal Health

For all our progress in human development, a searing indictment remains, and that is our collective failure to address the unremarked, undiagnosed and unforgiving death of a thousand women a day giving birth - John Stackhouse

Maternal Mortality

Maternal mortality levels are a key indicator of the status of women in society. They show how well a country’s health service is performing and what cultural position women hold in society - Katey Grusovin

Maui Wildfire

It is now the deadliest wildfire in the U.S. in over a century, and the worst natural disaster in Hawaii’s history - Solcyre (Sol) Burga

Maui Wildfire Relief

Everybody on the island feels this pain, there's no escaping it - Carver Wilson

Maura Tierney & Breast Cancer

While there is no way to prevent breast cancer there are things women can do that might reduce their risk

Maxillofacial Trauma (Fractures)

In the setting of maxillofacial trauma, airway compromise and severe hemorrhage are the most common life-threatening complications - Taming the SRU

Mayo Clinic Diet

Overall, a healthy approach to diet and fitness is promoted — which are ultimately the two key factors in helping us lose weight and improve fitness levels - Matthew Plowman


The new MCAT will encourage students to study more about the humanities, social & brain sciences, & determinants of health. But the change we need for a new crop of doctors requires more than reshuffling the questions... Allan Joseph & Karan Chhabra


With their unique health benefits, it’s not surprising that medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) have become a staple of many diets. However, as is the case for many other supplements, the increasing popularity of MCTs has given rise to plenty of confusion and misinformation as well - Craig Clarke


Someday research will lead to a cure. "A new small molecule developed by researchers at the University of Illinois has been shown to break up the protein-RNA clusters that cause the disease in living human cells

MD Careers

First of all you must be aware of the time commitment involved in becoming a physician. Medicine is a career that requires many years of preparation

MDMA (Therapeutic)

No one is suggesting that patients take MDMA every day, like Wellbutrin, or as needed to combat acute distress, like Xanax. Instead, MDMA is a drug that one might take in combination with therapy, during sessions—less a treatment than a treatment enhancer - Rachel Riederer


Doctors are getting a new way to diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome — and influential government advisers say it's time to replace that hated name, too, to show it's a real and debilitating disease - Lauran Neergaard


Doctors are getting a new way to diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome — and influential government advisers say it's time to replace that hated name, too, to show it's a real and debilitating disease - Lauran Neergaard

Meal Delivery

From pre-packed dinner boxes delivered to your front door, to perfectly portioned and cut ingredient boxes that minimize prep time, there's something here to make healthy dining easier for everyone - Kate Morin

Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP)

MAP is preferred in guiding therapy - Josh Farkas


For health agencies tracking global vaccine coverage, the disease is the canary in the coal mine - Seth Berkley


The outlook for meat and your health may be looking increasingly grim, but in the long run, what's 3.6 years? Only you can decide—and only you can assess the worth of a cheeseburger in terms of your time on Earth - Wyatt Marshall

Meat Allergy

An unusual reaction to mammalian meat is challenging the immunological understanding of allergies - Bianca Nogrady

Meatless Protein

We had to wait for the ’90s for it to become more palatable. But now it’s a 3rd generation with new tech and the consumer does not have to sacrifice taste any more: people are just enjoying it because it’s good, not because it’s plant-based - Dan Malek

Mechanical Thrombectomy

Now we know that acute stroke treatment works, and for the first time we have data that these devices can salvage patients that sometimes the IV treatment can't save - Patrick Lyden, MD

Meckel's Diverticulum

It occurs in 2 percent of the population, but only 2 percent of those with a Meckel’s will ever have any complications; the vast majority of those who do will be under the age of 2 - Lisa Sanders MD


Medetomidine is an alpha-2 agonist, belonging to the same family of drugs as xylazine and clonidine - The Center for Forensic Science Research & Education

Medi-Cal (California)

California’s Medicaid program, Medi-Cal, is the largest state Medicaid program in the nation. Insuring almost one-third of California’s more than 38 million residents,1 Medi-Cal is a key source of health coverage in the state and the main source of coverage for low-income children, adults, and people with disabilities. It also provides wrap-around coverage for many elderly Medicare beneficiaries in the state - Margaret Tater, Julia Paradise and Rachel Garfield

Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome (MALS)

MALS is a congenital anatomical anomaly that occurs when the diaphragm is located too low in the body. This causes the median arcuate ligament to compress the celiac artery and the nerves of the celiac plexus - MALS Awareness


More than three out of ten people presently covered under Medicaid are non-elderly adults living with disability, who in turn account for 42 percent of the program's expenditures - Laura Kiesel

Medical Abortion

Every year, millions of women all over the world choose a medication abortion as a safe, private, and effective at-home method to end an early-term pregnancy. But information about this safe & effective method has not been widely shared in the US - Plan C

Medical Assistant Careers

Overall, medical assisting is a steady, solid job. Choosing a career that gives you the flexibility to work in many different roles makes you marketable to future employers - Rachel Ballard

Medical Assistant Jobs

Resources for finding your first job or moving on to newer and better things. And it helps if somebody assists you. Then again, what are friends for?

Medical Assistants

I hope your career is full of great days and fantastic experiences. I hope you are trained and taught by the most caring physicians who build your skills and promote who you are as a professional - Rachel Ballard

Medical Bills

In the wealthiest nation on Earth, no one should go broke just because they get sick - Barack Obama  

Medical Breakthroughs

I firmly believe that the next great breakthrough in bioscience could come from a 15-year-old who downloads the human genome in Egypt - Thomas Friedman

Medical Calculators

This is largely very good for medicine and for our patients, as clinical decision scores create an evidence base that – when properly applied – is combined with physician judgment to improve the care of their patients. The trend towards clinical decision tools is only accelerating - Dr. Joe Habboushe

Medical Coma

It often is done as a last resort. It has certain complications and it is not uniformly effective. But it can be effective in carefully selected cases - Dr. James Bernat

Medical Cures

Thanks to clinical research and the dedicated efforts of medical professionals, many diseases have been eradicated over the last 100 years. Modern treatments exist for smallpox, polio and leprosy, and researchers have even developed therapies for previously fatal illnesses such as pneumonia - Orlando Clinical Research Center

Medical Devices

Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets - Neil deGrasse Tyson

Medical Discovery

I firmly believe that the next great breakthrough in bioscience could come from a 15-year-old who downloads the human genome in Egypt - Thomas Friedman

Medical Discovery - Michael Milken: From Robber-Baron to Do-Gooder

With his checkered Wall Street past, Michael Milken may seem the unlikeliest of philanthropists. But he's also proven to be one of the best.

Medical Discrimination

Discrimination is most often attributed to race, sexual orientation, gender, and gender identity, but can be directed toward individuals or communities with a variety of physical and social attributes such as age, body size, ability, social class, or religion—as well as the multiple intersections thereof - Bridgette A. Davis

Medical Discrimination & African Americans

After decades of exploiting Black bodies, medical institutions must rebuild Black patients’ trust — starting with an open dialogue - Sophie Varma and Christina McCarroll

Medical Errors

Errors will happen anytime you take a complex system and put human beings inside of it - Dr. Brent James

Medical Errors Are We in Safe Hands?

Medical mistakes happen. Medical professionals are only humans who can err. One gets to wonder how many medical misadventures go unreported!

Medical Ethics

Some would argue that what began as a multi-disciplinary field of study is now a full-fledged discipline in its own right. Bioethics has a burgeoning literature, with journals and publishers - Center for Practical Bioethics

Medical Evacuation & Care

Be prepared. We all get sick or injured when we least expect it - HWN

Medical Examiners

I see autopsy as the most exhaustive, and final, medical exam that a doctor can provide for a patient. I don’t see autopsy as something horrendous and macabre. Yes, it’s not pleasant, I can tell you. I don’t like it - Miguel Reyes-Múgica

Medical Fraud

Financial losses caused by health care fraud are only part of the story. Health care fraud has a human face too. Individual victims of health care fraud are sadly easy to find. These are people who are exploited and subjected to unnecessary or unsafe medical procedures - National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association

Medical Gaslighting

If you’re in an underrepresented group or have an “invisible” illness, you may be particularly prone to medical gaslighting - Kelsey Kloss

Medical Harm

The evidence is compelling that we in the developed countries (especially the US) are overtesting for disease, overdiagnosing it, and overtreating. Wasteful medical care of milder or nonexistent problems does more harm than good to the individual patient, diverts scarce medical resources away from those who really need them, and is an unsustainable drain on the economy - Allen Frances MD

Medical History

First of all the doctor should look at the patient’s face. If he looks his usual self this is a good sign - Hippocrates 430BC

Medical Induced Coma

It often is done as a last resort. It has certain complications and it is not uniformly effective. But it can be effective in carefully selected cases - Dr. James Bernat

Medical Journals & Journal Clubs

Online journal clubs have recently become popular, but their effectiveness in promoting meaningful discussion of the evidence is unknown - Lina Al-Imari MD

Medical Lab Professional Careers

More complex procedures are reserved for clinical lab technologists, who must possess a bachelor's degree. Techs, who must hold at least an associate's degree, often work under the supervision of technologists - U.S.News & World Report

Medical Lab Professional Jobs

Medical Laboratory Science (also called Clinical Laboratory Science) is one of the most under-recognized health professions – with excellent job prospects - Rodney E. Rohde, PhD

Medical Lab Professional Journals

May there never develop in me the notion that my education is complete but give me the strength and leisure and zeal continually to enlarge my knowledge - Maimonides

Medical Lab Professional Organizations

The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual - Vince Lombardi

Medical Laboratory Professionals

For the past few decades, medical laboratory technology has been characterized by rapid and dramatic innovation, including the development of new tests and advances in equipment and testing techniques - Irwin Rothenberg, MBA MS MLS

Medical Malpractice

The bottom line is that no health care system is perfect. Doctors are human beings and therefore subject to imperfection - Ashley Wren Collins

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana as medicine might seem like a relatively novel concept to many, but ancient Asian cultures were on to the palliative properties of the plant well before prohibition was ever considered - Justin Boyle

Medical Marijuana: The Debate Rages On

Some countries have legalized the therapeutic use of marijuana under strict prescription control. So why not the United States?

Medical Museums

Medical museums were once private affairs...But more recently, many permanent collections that revolve around deformed body parts floating in formaldehyde rather than pretty paintings have opened their doors to the public - Matt Hickman

Medical Pollution

Coronavirus has made medical waste more visible than ever, but the environmental footprint of healthcare goes much further – and reducing it could save lives - Hope Ngo

Medical Reparations

Reparations will not end racism, but I believe that [they] can bring us closer to the goal to which many of us in public health have committed our life’s work—that is, to end racial health inequities - Mary Bassett

Medical Residents

Residency programs have a way of indoctrinating new recruits into believing that misery is somehow noble - Aaron E Carroll

Medical Schools

A thriving medical school will have strong commitment to the health and well-being of its community, and its students will be actively engaged in volunteer activities to help their neighbors - Richard Gunderman et al

Medical Scribes

May the scribes record it - Wayne Gerard Trotman, Veterans of the Psychic Wars

Medical Spas

With the increase in lifestyle stress and other factors causing general unbalance in health, a regular visit to a medical spa is a fantastic way to ensure your health stays on track - Healing Holidays

Medical Spas Are They Really Medical

Spas are trying to gain 'medical' credibility in an era when consumers are more health savvy whereas traditional medical clinics are trying to create a 'medical spa' atmosphere

Medical Student Careers

First of all you must be aware of the time commitment involved in becoming a physician. Medicine is a career that requires many years of preparation

Medical Student Organizations

As a doctor, you don’t practice medicine, rather you become the medicine yourself ― Abhijit Naskar, Time to Save Medicine

Medical Students

In an age when most young doctors barely look up from their laptops and depend on multiple expensive test results for diagnostic clues, medical educators have had to get creative to reteach the art of looking - Olga Oksman

Medical Supplies & Equipment

The big-picture reason that a lot of these tech companies are getting into health care now is because the market is too big, too important and much too personal to their users for them to ignore - John Prendergass

Medical Supplies & Equipment Seniors

To be the best, you have to have the right equipment at your disposal - Hafthor Bjornsson

Medical Supply Chain

There’s a great possibility consumers, clinicians and healthcare provider organizations can look forward to, and competitors will dread, another Amazon business unit yet to be named - John G. Baresky

Medical Tests

Medical exams can be important, life-saving events. This is not, however, true of every medical test that modern medicine has at its disposal - Sarah Kliff

Medical Tourism - Have You Decided?

Are you still undecided about getting that medical procedure done outside the country instead of back home? Esmeralda's experience may help you

Medical Tourism - What about Mexico?

Thinking about going to Mexico to get your health care? Definitely, a lot of Canadians and Americans do. But make sure you know the players and the rules

Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare - Where Are You Going?

Medical tourism is primarily driven by lower health care costs and facilities and health care professionals that are comparable to back home. The added benefit is you get to travel but are you getting your money's worth?

Medical Transcriptionists

With all this challenges we are sure that Medical transcription is still a blooming industry with tons of job offers with high quality pay -

Medical TV Shows

When a television show becomes a huge part of popular culture, it can influence even those who don't watch it - Julie Beck

Medical Waste

Coronavirus has made medical waste more visible than ever, but the environmental footprint of healthcare goes much further – and reducing it could save lives - Hope Ngo

Medical Watchdogs

Medical watchdogs have been warning the public about various hazards. Why don’t we listen - Shilo Zylbergold

Medical-Industrial Complex

If anything, the ‘medical industrial complex’ as it is increasingly referred to, is even bigger and more powerful than the military industrial complex - Edward Goldsmith


Why didn’t ObamaCare simply extend Medicare to cover everyone - HWN

Medicare Advantage

Unlike traditional Medicare, where enrollees carry separate coverage for Part A hospital care, Part B physician care, Part D drug benefits, and often Medicare Supplement (Medigap) insurance, MA beneficiaries get all their health insurance in one place - Howard Gleckman

Medicare Coverage Options

It’s a lot to consider, with loads of fine print on caps, co-pays and whatnot, and there are more than 40 Advantage plans to choose from - Steve Lopez

Medicare for All

Add it all up and Medicare for All is actually the cheaper option for good-quality care in the U.S - Robert Pollin

Medication Assisted Treatment (Alcohol Use Disorder)

While there is no silver bullet for alcohol use disorder, several medications have been approved to treat it, including pills like acamprosate and disulfiram, as well as oral and injectable forms of naltrexone. - Anahad O’Connor

Medication Assisted Treatment (Opioid Use Disorder)

Naloxone brings drug abusers back to life. Methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone can help keep them there - Sally Satel

Medication Errors

Medication errors should be seen as opportunities to assess practice, find out what went wrong, learn from mistakes, and make changes - American Porphyria Foundation

Medication Overuse Headaches

Paradoxically, liberal use of analgesics to treat primary headache disorders, especially migraine, often results in the development of a daily headache, which itself is indistinguishable from the original headache and frustratingly refractive to analgesia - Benjamin R Wakerley

Medications & Breastfeeding

It is seldom required that a breastfeeding mother discontinue breastfeeding just to take a medication. It is simply not acceptable for the clinician to stop lactation merely because of heightened anxiety or ignorance on their part. The risks of formula feeding are significant and should not be trivialized. Few drugs have documented side effects in breastfed infants, and we know most of these - Thomas Hale RPh PhD, Founder, Medications and Mothers’ Milk

Medications Limit Your Expense

Options are available to limit your out of pocket drug costs. You just have to know what questions to ask your partner...your doctor


Medifast has been helping people lose weight and keep it off since the 80s. That’s a long time in the changing lives game - DudeMom


The best way to explain Medigap is that it covers all or a portion of your medical bills that you would otherwise be responsible for paying. All the Medicare Supplement plans are standardized. The standardization of Medigap plans means that a Plan F in California is the same coverage as a Plan F in Florida. While coverage remains the same, the monthly premium cost does vary - Lindsay Malzone


When there are thoughts, it is distraction: when there are no thoughts, it is meditation - Ramana Maharshi

Meditation Apps

How to turn your smartphone into your own meditation center - WSJ

Mediterranean Diet

By combining the Mediterranean diet with consistent physical activity—think taking the stairs instead of the escalator, walking versus sitting back for the ride—the Diet is a healthy option for your modern lifestyle and overall wellbeing - Mediterra


These meds are cousins of sulfonylureas, and they’re often called “nonsulfonylurea secretagogues” (try out that term at the next family reunion!) or “glinides.” Like sulfonylureas, these meds increase insulin secretion from the pancreas - Amy Campbell MS RD


You may not be aware of it, but we are exposed daily to melamine. Many things in our home have been manufactured with the use of melamine, from Formica counter tops, to certain fabrics, to plastic kitchenware (melaware)- HWN

Melamine Is Our Food Safe

The Chinese melamine scandal in 2008 pointed out the vulnerability of the global food supply. Make it a habit to determine where your food is coming from. Or better yet, become a locavore!


Melanoma accounts for only around 1% of skin cancers, but it’s by far the most deadly and has a reputation for quickly developing resistance to chemotherapy. Moreover, rates of melanoma have been increasing over the past few decades - Fiona McMillan


If you’re having trouble sleeping, melatonin is a popular and easy remedy. It’s effective for many people, doesn’t have any serious safety issues, and is available as pills or gummies for pennies a dose. It’s also misunderstood - Beth Skwarecki


Edge-seeking athletes are increasingly turning to drugs typically prescribed to aging cardiovascular patients - WSJ


Melena (Black Tarry Stools)

The most common cause of melena is peptic ulcer disease. Any other cause of bleeding from the upper gastrointestinal tract can also cause melena - Rajan Narula DO

Memantine (Namenda)

Memantine is an N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA, the inspiration for the drug’s brand name Namenda) antagonist that is designed to counteract the process believed to cause brain damage and the death of neurons in the brain - Frances Gatta

Memorial Day

It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God such men lived - General George Patton


Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us - Oscar Wilde

Memory Loss

As brain functions go, forgetting may be almost as important as remembering; it would be inefficient for our brains to try to retain every bit of information we’re exposed to throughout life - AARP


MemTrax is especially well suited for assessment of very early AD, including early mild cognitive impairment, a time when the focus should be on prevention of AD pathology, not removal of AD pathology - J. Wesson Ashford MD PhD

Men & Covid-19

The disproportionate toll this virus is taking on males isn’t an anomaly. When it comes to survival, men are the weaker sex - Sharon Moalem

Men's Cancer

Though sporting a hideous mustache is in no way comparable to the physical pain and mental suffering men with these diseases endure, Movember still forces participants to challenge their manhood on a daily basis... David Sax

Men's Health

In the health world, men have a bad rap. Out of the 15 leading causes of death, men lead women in 14 of them. The only disease that women are more likely to get than men is Alzheimer’s disease - Evie Carrick

MenACWY Vaccine

The main aim of giving this vaccine is to protect young people against four different types of meningococcal disease. 15-19 year olds are more at risk from meningococcal disease than any other age group except the under 5s - Vaccine Knowledge Project

MenB Vaccine

We want teens, young adults and their parents to know that as of 2014, MenB vaccination is available, and we want to make to make sure they know to ask their healthcare providers to administer it to them - Patti Wukovits RN, director of the Kimberly Coffey Foundation

Meniere's disease

Here, for all of you hypochondriacs, are the symptoms: fullness in one ear, tinnitus (ringing ears), vertigo and occasionally? migraines - Roz Warren


Women have a much higher incidence of meningiomas, one theory currently being explored is the relationship between meningiomas and hormones


Meningitis is an awful disease. It comes on suddenly, kills frequently, disables its survivors for life, and devastates families economically and emotionally - Dr. Orin Levine, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Meningococcal Disease (Neisseria meningitidis)

Meningococcal disease is a term used to describe two major illnesses – meningitis and septicaemia* (blood poisoning). These can occur on their own or more commonly, both together. It is a life-threatening infection caused by Neisseria meningitidis. Men B is the most common strain in the UK, but other strains include MenA, MenC, MenW and MenY - Meningitis Now

Meningococcal Meningitis

For a small but growing number of college students, the undergraduate experience now may include a close brush with one of the most frightening infections on the planet: meningococcal disease - NOVA

Meningococcal Vaccines

Meningococcal Disease is a vaccine preventable disease – but you do need to get both vaccines in order to prevent it – Alicia Stillman


While all causes of meningitis can progress to septicemia (bacterial, viral, fungal), Neisseria meningitides is one of the most dreaded and serious etiologies of meningitis and sepsis - Nima Rejali DO

Meniscus Injury

Surgery is not always the best option for repairing a damaged meniscus - Dr. Lewis Maharam


There are no 'flashy' or simple answers when it comes to Menopause - HWN

Menopause Diet

To be successful, weight loss during menopause demands a new strategy. It takes more than cutting calories to lose weight during this life transition - Staness Jonekos

Menopause No Flashy Answers

In the long run going natural and aging healthy, like our ancestors, may be the best way to go. When it comes to menopause there are no 'flashy' or simple answers!

Menopause Three Cheers for Hot Flashes

Research indicates that the more severe your hot flashes, the less likely you are to develop breast cancer!

Menopause, 'Freshman 20' Again

Entering menopause is a mixed bag for many women. While putting periods, cramps and PMS behind you may be a bonus, new challenges take their place including a thickening middle

Menstrual Cups

You never have to ask around for a pad. You never have to worry about stains. You never have to run around looking for open medical shops. You never have to hold that stupid black plastic bag of shame again - Shreyasi Bose

Menstruation (Menses) Period/Cycle

I mean if there was any justice in the world you wouldn't even have to go to school during your period. You'd just stay home for five days and eat chocolate and cry - Andrea Portes, Anatomy of a Misfit

Mental Asylums

Recent cases of violence by the mentally ill highlight the need to reconsider a long-maligned institution that now offers a promising solution - David Oshinsky

Mental Health & Covid-19

The coronavirus crisis poses the greatest threat to mental health since the second world war, with the impact to be felt for years after the virus has been brought under control - Ian Sample

Mental Health Apps

Regulating our emotional lives via an app is a lot to ask of our stone age minds, which perceive others’ emotions based on facial expression, voice, body language and touch - Matthew Hertenstein

Mental Health Discrimination

Throughout history and across cultures, many characteristics have been stigmatized, including physical deformity or disability, diseases like leprosy (now known as Hansen's disease), minority status with respect to race or religion, any sexual orientation other than heterosexual, being adopted, or having a mental illness - Stephen Hinshaw

Mental Health Journals

Mental health is a continuum, and people may fall anywhere on the spectrum - Amy Morin

Mental Health Professional Careers

There are many options to choose from within the field of mental health, and this can be especially confusing given that there are significant overlaps between mental health professionals - Leanne Hall

Mental Health Professional Jobs

Close to a quarter of the world’s disability burden is attributed to mental and behavioral disorders combined - The Mental Health Social Worker

Mental Health Professional Organizations

The internet holds potential solutions to pernicious mental health issues. Harnessing that potential is proving complicated - Emma Grey Ellis

Mental Health Professionals

Mental health needs a great deal of attention. It's the final taboo and it needs to be faced and dealt with - Adam Ant

Mental Health Therapists

Studies suggest online tools do just as well—if not better—than traditional therapy for some patients - Heidi Mitchell

Mental Hospitals

For decades, patients with serious mental-health conditions were shunted to isolated psychiatric hospitals, far from ordinary medical care. Thankfully, this long era of separation and indifference seems to be coming to an end - Ezekiel J. Emanuel

Mental Illness Epidemic

All over the world, people are trying to cope with similar distress—and existing mental health care systems are not always equipped to help them - Alexandra Ossola

Menthol Cigarettes

Menthol is the “ultimate candy flavor. It helps the poison go down easier - Phillip Gardiner

Meperidine (Demerol)

Meperidine, has gone from a frequently used drug to being used only when patients exhibit atypical reactions to opioids (e.g., morphine and hydromorphone), to being taken off the World Health Organization List of Essential Medications and receiving strong recommendations for overall avoidance - Lavinia R. Harrison

Meralgia Paresthetica

MP is often considered an elusive diagnosis since it can mimic the neurological symptoms (e.g. numbness, paresthesias) that present with other more common causes of anterolateral thigh pain - Scott W Cheatham et al

Mercury Exposure

The continued release of mercury into the environment from human activity, the presence of mercury in the food chain, and the demonstrated adverse effects on humans are of such concern that in 2013 governments agreed to the Minamata Convention - WHO

Mercury Fillings

In this day and age when we know that mercury is devastating to human health and we know that humans will get incidental exposures from food, air and water, no purposeful exposure to mercury should EVER occur - Eric Uram

Merkel Cell Carcinoma

You may have heard about the three most common types of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. A lesser-known form of skin cancer called Merkel cell carcinoma has been steadily increasing in number over the last few decades - Galt Dermatology


MERS is something of a medical mystery. The disease is widely found in dromedary camels, which have long carried the virus...But most MERS patients have had no contact with camels or camel products—and where did the camels get the virus - The Economist


Peyote has been the source of much controversy ever since European explorers encountered it during the 16th century. Today, recreational use of the drug is prohibited. Peyote use is exempted in the context of religious

Mesenteric Ischemia

The wide variety of presentations and symptoms of this disease creates a diagnostic challenge - Brit Long MD & Alex Koyfman


Mesomorphs don’t have to worry too much about what they eat and they can gain muscle mass and lose weight fairly quickly with relatively easily. This combination allows the mesomorph to achieve fantastic definition of the body - Wellnessed


Mesothelioma is a horrible cancer. Those of us who have cared for these patients have witnessed the devastating effects this disease has on patients and their families. There is a desperate need to find better treatments that will improve the lives of asbestos victims - Lee M. Krug MD

Mesothelioma & Merlin Olsen

Mesothelioma is probably the only cancer where we know the exact cause. Currently there are hundreds of class action law suits against the manufacturers of asbestos products and the companies that used them

Metabolic Acidosis

The MUDPILES mnemonic for anion gap metabolic acidosis is out of date. The GOLDMARK mnemonic for anion gap metabolic acidosis is more useful - Tom Wade MD

Metabolic Alkalosis

Most cases of metabolic alkalosis don't require specific therapy directed at immediately reducing the bicarbonate. Instead, resolving the underlying cause is generally sufficient - Josh Farkas

Metabolic Confusion Diet

Metabolic confusion, commonly known as calorie shifting, is the practice of alternating your calorie intake between higher and lower amounts to “confuse” your metabolism - Maria Fischer

Metabolic dysfuction Associated Steatohepatitis (Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis)

Marked by the accumulation of an unhealthy amount of fat and scar tissue in the liver, NASH is quietly reaching epidemic proportions across the globe - Lisa M Jarvis

Metabolic dysfunction-Associated Steatotic Liver Disease (Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease)

The increasing prevalence of obesity has made nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) the most common chronic liver disease. As a consequence, NAFLD and especially its inflammatory form nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) are the fastest increasing etiology of end-stage liver disease and hepatocellular carcinoma - Dirk J. van der Windt

Metabolic Emergencies

Endocrine and metabolic emergencies are very common in clinical practice and a not insignificant portion of the emergency medicine core curriculum; and finally, people don’t understand these emergencies well - Amal Mattu MD

Metabolic Encephalopathy

Metabolic encephalopathy (ME) is one of the most common and broadly defined diagnoses encountered by physicians. ME is a group of neurologic disorders characterized by an alteration in mental status caused by the direct physiological consequences of a general underlying medical condition and/or pharmacogenetics - Jinny O Tavee MD & Margaret Yu MD

Metabolic Syndrome

The concept of a metabolic syndrome originally seemed promising: it carried the hope of better identifying patients at risk, contributing to establishing an etiology related to insulin resistance... These ideas haven’t panned out - Harriet Hall


Metabolism is the entire process of converting calories into energy to power all your bodily processes...Your metabolism determines the number of calories you need daily to maintain your weight - Trinh Le MPH RD

Metacarpal (Hand) Fractures

Metacarpal fractures: location matters - Sean M. Fox MD


If knowledge is power, then MetaMed may prove strong enough to change the diagnostic paradigm in the world of medicine by harnessing teams of doctors and researchers to help individual patients find out what's wrong.

Metastatic Breast Cancer

A growing number of experts believe it's time to focus research on new treatments for metastatic cases. A cure for breast cancer has yet to be found, they argue; nor do we know how to prevent it. But if scientists can learn how to convert stage IV disease from terminal to manageable, at least no one has to die from breast cancer - Concepcion de Leon


Metatarsalgia isn't as serious as it sounds. It simply refers to minor pain and inflammation of fatigued and overused metatarsal bones (the long bones in your feet) - PA Foot & Ankle Associates


Metformin, used to treat type 2 diabetes, is one of the most widely-prescribed pharmaceutical drugs across the globe - Ginger Vieira


The scourge of crystal meth, with its exploding labs and ruinous effect on teeth and skin, has been all but forgotten amid national concern over the opioid crisis - Frances Robles

Meth & Andre Agassi

Crystal meth is one of the biggest threats facing us. The most interesting part of Andre Agassi's new autobiography 'Open' (besides the mullet wig) is clearly his ultimate victory over meth addiction


The scientific evidence supporting the usage of methadone is indisputable and has been for years. So why is it not being used more often when there are millions of opioid addicts... This problem can be summed up in a single word: STIGMA - Derek Simon, PhD


The scourge of crystal meth, with its exploding labs and ruinous effect on teeth and skin, has been all but forgotten amid national concern over the opioid crisis - Frances Robles


By emitting just a little bit of methane, mankind is greatly accelerating the rate of climatic change - Steve Hamburg, EDF Chief Scientist

Methane (Natural Gas) Exposure

In addition to its high risk of flammability and combustibility, it also acts as an asphyxiant. Exposure and symptoms can range from mild to severe and acute to long-term depending upon its concentration and the length of exposure time. At high concentrations for a prolonged time, methane gas poisoning can be lethal - NevadaNano


Methanol intoxication may regularly be seen endemically or sometimes epidemically because alcohol may contain methanol in countries where alcohol consumption is prohibited or the price of the commercially available alcohol is high - Sanaei-Zadeh Hossein MD


Methemoglobinemia is a rare cause of hypoxia and can be a diagnostic challenge early in the disease course. The incidence of medication-induced methemoglobinemia is more common than congenital-related methemoglobinemia. The most common cause of methemoglobinemia is exposure to household detergents, illicit drugs, or medications with nitrate or sulfonamide chemical groups. The 2 main medications accounting for up to 45% of medication-induced cases are dapsone and benzocaine - Kahtan Fadah DO

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

When you think of skin infections, MRSA is at the top of everyone's list and continues to spread worldwide. MRSA colonization is even occurring in animals including our pets


Met is ESSENTIAL in the dietary sense – you need to get it from food because you can’t make it - The Bumbling Biochemist


The chronic illness community may be experiencing an unexpected side effect of abortion restrictions — issues accessing methotrexate - Susan Jara

Methylcellulose Wood Pulp

We all know that trees are commonly chopped down and used to produce paper, but did you know that wood pulp by-products are also present in toothpaste, nail polish, towels, and even your favorite foods - Joseph Rauch

Methylene Blue

Methylene blue is the antidote for a serious disease called methemoglobinemia but has also been studied for other medical uses. Since it has significant side effects and may interact with many medications, the routine use of methylene blue should be avoided - Kelly Johnson-Arbor MD

Metoclopramide (Reglan)

Metoclopramide – a central dopamine receptor blocker with peripheral muscarinic agonistic action and anti-emetic effects – is widely regarded as an effective choice for alleviating pain and nausea, therefore, considered an effective single agent for the treatment of migraine in ED - Hanaa Abdelmonem

Metofluthrin (Thermacell)

Metofluthrin is part of a category of pesticides called pyrethroids, which are relatively new to the market. Pyrethroids are recommended by the World Health Organization for combating Zika virus and malaria - Samantha Lande & Emily Johnson


In recent decades, levels of naturally-occurring dietary Magnesium have plummeted due to municipal treatment of drinking water, mineral-deficient soils (due to commercial farming), and extensive food processing - Magnesium Advocacy Group


Nobody ever expects to have a heart attack. But they happen, and statistically many people are a heartbeat away from disaster

Microbes (Microorganisms)

It’s the start of a new era, when people are finally ready to embrace the microbial world - Ed Yong

Microbiologist Journals

What you see is that the most outstanding feature of life's history is a constant domination by bacteria - Stephen Jay Gould

Microbiologist Orgs

You can find bacteria everywhere. They're invisible to us. I've never seen a bacterium, except under a microscope. They're so small, we don't see them, but they are everywhere - Bonnie Bassler


Section devoted to microbiologists


Scientists are continuing to learn what the microbiome does for our health, and how certain diseases and disorders are associated with changes in your microbes - Shayla Love

Microbiota Transplantation

So the funny thing is that this same procedure has actually been used in veterinary medicine for a very long time. They particularly use it for thoroughbred horses - Maryn McKenna


For doctors, the diagnosis means an ailment with no treatment, no cure and no clear prognosis - Catherine Saint Louis

Microdeletion Syndromes

Microdeletions and duplications are genetic abnormalities that involve the loss or duplication of a small segment of DNA from a chromosome. Unlike bigger genetic abnormalities like Down syndrome, which involve having an extra copy of an entire chromosome, microdeletions and duplications affect only a tiny portion of genetic material - Maria Katz MS

Microdosing Psychedelics

Some people microdose for better mental health, or personal and spiritual growth. Scientific evidence for microdosing, though, is scarce and has been mixed - Jane C. Hu


Nutrients are not drugs and they can't be studied as drugs. They are part of a biological system where all nutrients work as a team to support your biochemical processes - Mark Hyman


Microphthalmia and Anophthalmia are eye diseases in which there is a decrease in the size of an eye along with other problems such as, malfunctioning of the eye in the orbit and absence of an eye respectively - Eye Mantra


The distribution and abundance of microplastics into the world are so extensive that many scientists use them as key indicators of the recent and contemporary period defining a new historical epoch: The Plasticene - Claudia Campanale

Microscopic Colitis

Many of the guidelines recommended for other IBDs do not work very well for MC, if they work at all. And unfortunately, much of the information about the disease that is available on the Internet is misleading & incorrect - Microscopic Colitis Foundation

Microsoft & Healthcare

Microsoft seems to be narrowing its focus for the time being on the cloud and connecting healthcare data more efficiently - Medial Futurist


Microtia is defined as a malformed structure of the ear, and anotia is the absence of any form of the ear - Justin Bays

Microvascular Angina

Cardiac syndrome X is not a benign condition as was believed as recently as ten years ago, and is a red flag for a heart attack. Mortality rates are similar for cardiac syndrome X to those with chest pain due to blocked arteries - Dr Robin Roberts

Middle-Aged Suicide

Men have historically been more likely to commit suicide than women, but a new, vulnerable group is emerging from their ranks: middle-aged men - Alison Bruzek


Midline catheter placement is feasible in the ED as an alternate approach to central lines or standard US guided lines - Salim Rezaie


Midodrine is an oral alpha-1 agonist, with the same mechanism of action as phenylephrine. It is a fairly safe drug which has been used among outpatients for decades - Josh Farkas


Soon, the general public will hear ‘midwife’ and not think hippie, exclusive home birth, uneducated, far-out alternative option - Ginger Breedlove

Mifepristone (Mifeprex)

These pills are among the reasons that we are not going back to the era of coat hangers - Jia Tolentino

Migraine Drugs

Treating chronic migraine is often a two-pronged approach: Try to prevent migraine attacks by managing the underlying cause, and stop attacks when they strike - Karen J. Bannan

Migraine Management

Treatments for migraine include acute and preventive medications and a range of non-pharmacological therapies. Despite these treatment options and the comprehensive diagnostic criteria, clinical care remains suboptimal — misdiagnosis and under-treatment of migraine are substantial public health challenges - Anna K. Eigenbrodt


For migraine sufferers, picking the right medication can be a real headache - Sarah Emerson

Migraines & Cindy McCain

Women are three times more likely to have migraines than men and 50% are more likely to be misdiagnosed. Cindy McCain decided to open up about her migraines because of the stigma attached to them, especially for women

Migraines Emergency Management

Remember that the mere improvement of the headache with therapy does NOT exclude serious pathology - Lucas Chartier

Migrant (Immigration) Crisis

But it is not just the migrants who are being grievously harmed by what is happening at the border and on the treacherous journey north. The ceding of border control to powerful criminal cartels is literally killing Americans - Mark Morgan

Migrant Charities

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything - Albert Einstein

Migrant Crime

While the majority of illegal aliens seek a better life, the undeniable link between increasing illegal immigration and crime poses a significant threat - Hannah Davis

Migrant Health

It is vital to remember that migration is a public health issue. The challenges that migrants face during their journey and upon arrival have significant impacts on both individuals and the wider population at the border - Joaquin Moreno


There are more displaced people and refugees now than at any other time in recorded history — 60 million in all — and they are on the march in numbers not seen since World War II - Rod Nordland

Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

Military Medicine

While some wars are viewed as more influential on medical practice and innovation than others, the carnage and waste of war outweigh any positive aspects of conflict, even for medicine - Science Museum

Military Medicine Journals

I have never advocated war except as a means of peace - Ulysses S. Grant

Military Medicine Orgs

War does not determine who is right - only who is left - Bertrand Russell


More and more evidence is surfacing, however, that milk consumption may not only be unhelpful, it might also be detrimental - Aaron E Carroll

Milk Allergy

According to a special communication published in JAMA Pediatrics, while 14% of babies are reported to have cow’s milk allergy, only about 1% actually do have it - Claire McCarthy MD

Milk of Magnesia MOM

Milk of magnesia is generally considered to be one of the more gentle laxatives, as opposed to stimulant laxatives such as Dulcolax - IBS Tales

Milk, Bread and... Medical Care? Healthcare goes Retail

Retail medical clinics have done what the healthcare industry has been unable or unwilling to do - give consumers what they, convenient and affordable care for minor problems


Like amaranth and quinoa before it, millet – a hardy, gluten-free ancient seed – has become an "it" grain in recent years. Once dismissed as birdseed, millet can now be found sprinkled on top of mashed potatoes at top-rated restaurants, cooked into baby foods, and generally extolled for its nutritious virtues. Some have even dubbed millet "the new quinoa." - Jeremy Cherfas


Milrinone is a phosphodiesterase-3 (PDE3) inhibitor. PDE3 is present in cardiac myocytes and vascular smooth muscles; it ultimately leads to cardiac smooth muscle relaxation and peripheral vasoconstriction. Therefore, PDE3 inhibition results in potent inotropy, in addition to diastolic relaxation and vasodilation - Sarah Brubaker MD


Denial of the power of the mind, and by extension the spirit, in the treatment of patients with mental and even physical disorders, has led to poor treatment outcomes in many cases - Dr. Caroline Leaf

MIND diet

The Mediterranean-Dash Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay, or MIND diet, is a combination of the Mediterranean eating pattern as well as the DASH eating pattern. Researchers have looked at the possibility that a combination of these two eating patterns could potentially delay or prevent Alzheimer’s disease - Nicole Blanton


Mindfulness is simply being aware of what is happening right now w/o wishing it were different,enjoying the pleasant w/o holding on when it changes which it will,being with the unpleasant w/o fearing it will always be this way which it won’t - James Baraz

Mineral Water

Turns out, there's a legit definition behind mineral water and even some potential health perks - Brierley Horton


Although most mineral supplements are readily available over the counter, taking too many can be extremely dangerous. It’s best to get your minerals from food unless you suffer from a serious deficiency - Tony Amidor

Mini Facelift

To make a long story short, a mini face-lift is the less invasive version of a full face-lift. It’s sometimes called the ponytail lift, the weekend face-lift, or the lunchtime facial, as it’s a relatively quick procedure that offers less downtime than its counterpart - Sheryll Donerson

Mini Stroke

The risk of stroke after a TIA is highest in the first few days to weeks after the TIA - UpToDate


The Mini-CogTM serves as an effective triage tool to identify individuals in need of more thorough evaluation - Deirdre M. Carolan Doerflinger PhD

Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE)

It is considered the most widely used test for standardized cognitive assessment in the clinical setting, especially with the elderly population - Miguel Gallegos

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

MIS of the spine is not just simply about using smaller incisions, but a combination of techniques and the mastering of a learning curve that comes with many minimally invasive spinal surgeries - Anthony T Yeung MD

Minimally Invasive Surgery

The rapid acceptance of the technique of laparoscopic surgery by the general population is unparalleled in surgical history. It has changed the field of general surgery...Spaner SJ, Warnock GL

Minimally Invasive Surgery Face

Getting poked in the face with needles didn't use to be something considered part of one's regular beauty routine, but in recent years that's been changing - Sarah Y. Wu

Minimally Invasive Therapy Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are one of the more unsightly signs of aging. But new, less-invasive treatments are making it easier to remove them painlessly, bypassing a difficult surgical procedure that was often the only option in the past - Laura Landro

Minipill (Progestin-only)

POPs aren't the most user-friendly birth control option. Most ob/gyns will always give you a combination pill—they just generally work better. But if you can't take estrogen because it's a health risk or you're breastfeeding, a progestin-only pill may be a good option - Amy Marturana Winderl CPT

Minor TBI

Anybody can sustain a concussion, but those who engage in contact sports have an increased risk of repeated and serious concussions that can manifest as dementia in later life - HWN

Miosis (Constricted Pupil)

In addition to a Horner pupil, anisocoria can be more pronounced in the dark with physiologic anisocoria, miosis due to posterior iris synechiae, pharmacologic miosis due to a parasympathomimetic agent (i.e., pilocarpine), traumatic miosis, iris ischemia, and a chronic Adie tonic pupil - Emily Witsberger MD

Miracle Berry Could Be a Miracle

The miracle berry really is a bit miraculous in its effect and is certainly a good bit of fun as well. Ultimately it may even turn out to be beneficial

Miralax & Children

No studies have shown that the drug’s active ingredient — polyethylene glycol 3350/PEG — has severe side effects. But there is a growing chorus of questions about why it has been used and prescribed for children for so many years - Catherine Saint Louis

Miralax (Polyethylene Glycol)

PEG was originally FDA approved only to be used for seven days at most in adults, but it is now used daily by many people (even children). PEG is not approved for use in children - John Brisson


It’s becoming clear that MIS-C also has a range of illness, from milder forms that resemble Kawasaki disease to more severe forms that affect multiple organs and result in shock - Ritu Banerjee


Given that one in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage, it's surprising that we hear so little about it. There should be no shame or guilt in miscarriage - Stacy Matson

Miscarriage & Lily Allen

Given that one in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage, it's surprising that we hear so little about it. Most miscarriages typically happen within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy


Misdiagnoses are a leading cause of medical malpractice suits in the U.S., and they don’t have simple causes or solutions - Laura Landro

Misoprostol (Cytotec)

If we have a cheap and readily available drug that can prevent and treat the two largest causes of maternal mortality worldwide—postpartum hemorrhage and unsafe abortion—why have we not taken more advantage of it?

Mitigation & Control Covid-19

Our focus needs to shift to prevention and protection working in tandem with medical interventions - William A. Haseltine

Mitochondrial disease

Mito has so many “faces” and a wide spectrum of complications that make it hard for those not specialized in the diseases to keep up - Colby Wren

Mitral Valve Issues

Transcatheter mitral valve replacement might evolve into an acceptable alternative for patients with severe mitral regurgitation or calcific stenosis of native mitral valves...Cardiac Interventions Today

Mitral Valve Prolapse

No more cracking the chest, especially for pretty women. Mitral valve prolapse can now be repaired using the MitraClip


Every ovulation is essentially a ruptured cyst - Elizabeth S. Ginsburg MD

MMR vaccine

Measles is probably the best argument for why there needs to be global health, and why we have to think about it as a global public good - Seth Berkley

Mobile Health

Think: mHealth as personal health reform – Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

Mobile Heart Monitoring

The type of ambulatory electrocardiography cardiac monitoring device chosen depends on the indication for evaluation as well as on the frequency of symptoms - Kostas Ioannou MD

Mobile Phone Use and Cancer: Searching for Answers

It is perhaps the most controversial scientific question of the last two decades. Does mobile phone use cause cancer?

Mobile Phones & Devices

It is perhaps the most controversial scientific question of the last two decades. Does mobile phone use cause cancer - HWN

Mobitz Type I (Wenckebach Phenomenon)

Mobitz I is usually a benign rhythm, causing minimal haemodynamic disturbance and with low risk of progression to third degree heart block - Ed Burns and Robert Buttner

Mobitz Type II

While Mobitz I is usually due to a functional suppression of AV conduction (e.g. due to drugs, reversible ischaemia), Mobitz II is more likely to be due to structural damage to the conducting system (e.g. infarction, fibrosis, necrosis) - Ed Burns and Robert Buttner

Moderna vaccine

Like the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, Moderna’s vaccine is based on the virus’s genetic instructions for building the spike protein - Jonathan Corum & Carl Zimmer

Mohs surgery

Mohs has been proven in certain cancers such as recurrent basal cell carcinoma to be more effective than excision, and there is no doubt that it has saved countless lives while preserving tissue for reconstruction - Joyce Ho MD

Molar Pregnancy

In many cases there may be no signs that you are having a molar pregnancy and it may go undetected until your routine early pregnancy scan at 10-12 weeks - Tommy's


Molasses is not your average sweetener. Its sour and bitter undertones are in stark contrast with molasses' strong sweet taste, making it an attractive option for desserts and cookies. This contrast in tastes also gives molasses a more balanced profile as a sweetener - Joyful Belly


Mold is old. As Mother Nature’s great recycler, mold and fungi are a critical component of our natural environment... We need mold to turn dead things back into dirt, but when it starts trying to do that to our home, it becomes a problem - Jason Earle

Molina Healthcare

Dr. Mario Molina believes that government can be a force for good. His Fortune 500 company is spreading that force as widely as possible to help those medically and economically underserved.

Molluscum Contagiosum

Despite sounding like a spell straight out of Harry Potter, molluscum contagiosum is a skin infection caused by a virus called molluscum contagiosum virus (MCV). It is common and can affect any age group, although children are more often affected than adults - Lynda Ware


You think of all the people that could benefit from it and all the people that are in your life that you wish could have benefited from it - Dean Li


In the early days of its use, it was often confused for graphite and it was believed to contain lead. Both of these assumptions are, of course, wrong, but molybdenum is stuck with its name as a souvenir. Molybdenum is derived from the Greek word molybdos, which means lead - Jake Nutritionals

Mom Brain

When our culture makes fun of mothers’ forgetfulness, it is abdicating responsibility for the overwork women are experiencing and its effects on their health - Julie Bogen

Monk Fruit

The substitution sweetener game is nothing new. (Remember the Splenda craze in the early 2000s?) For the past few years, stevia, from the leaf, has been the alt sweetener of choice, but lately a new one is taking over: monk fruit - Emily Laurence

Monkeypox Vaccine

A newer alternative, known as MVA (or Jynneos in the United States), built around a weaker version of the vaccine virus, is much safer - Katherine J. Wu

Monoclonal Antibodies

Monoclonal antibody therapy is definitely one of the most promising areas of medicine, both now and in the future - Kat Arney

Monoclonal Antibodies & Covid

These man-made antibodies offer the world the possibility of immunotherapy similar to the use of convalescent plasma but with a more targeted and accurate action - Rodney E. Rohde


Monocytes are one of the largest types of white blood cells. Each type of white blood cell has a unique role. Monocytes are responsible for attacking and breaking down germs and bacteria that enter the body - Sightdx


It makes you feel like you got hit by a bus... and you can't swallow. Mono is know as glandular fever and, more commonly, the kissing disease - Jake T Buccarelli

Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFA)

Of the four types of dietary fat, monounsaturated fat is the only one that isn’t riddled with controversy. Just one search for “healthy fat” will yield thousands of articles recommending the consumption of foods that are high in monounsaturated fats - Craig Clarke

Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) Test

While the MoCAT is a useful screening tool for finding cognitive problems, it does not prove or disprove intellect, nor does it eliminate the possibility of other mental disorders - Loren A Olson MD

Mood Disorders

The two major types of mood disorders are depressive disorders, characterised by a persistent down mood, and bipolar disorders, expressed as extreme high or manic moods that alternate with periods of feeling down - Genevieve Rayner

Mood Stabilizers

Lithium, anticonvulsants and antipsychotics are the three main types of drug which are used as mood stabilisers -

Moonshots in Healthcare

The bottom line is this: If you want to really bring hope to seven and a half billion people — everyone on the planet — and improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in the world, it’s not going to happen by happenstance or by crossing our fingers. Solving the world’s biggest health challenges is possible; but to do so we must work in a coordinated, collaborative way, with clear communication, investment of capital, and a rock solid commitment - Steven Krein

More and more health-related information is added to the Internet every day. But you can't always see what's atop such a mountainous info dump. Sometimes you've got to get Moore Lowdown - Greggory Moore


I think it's a misstep for us as a profession to have accepted 'morcellation' without some containment - Dr. Bobbie Gostout


A hidden epidemic or mass hysteria - Will Storr

Morning after pill

Morning Sickness

If you've experienced morning sickness you know the triggers aren't bound by logic - Supriva Kelkar


When morphine was first created in the early 1800s it transformed our relationship to pain and suffering. But it also brought about an addiction epidemic - Mike Jay

Morton's Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma is a condition characterized by the formation of fibrous thickening of nerves that supply the head of metatarsals usually effecting the 3rd webspace. A significant number of Morton neuroma cases are misdiagnosed as metatarsalgia -

Mosquito Bites

The importance of mosquito control is often underestimated, but you should remember that these tiny insects are the deadliest animals in the world, carrying diseases that cause severe illness and death - Mosquito Joe

Mosquito Control

Reducing mosquito breeding sites (standing water), known as source control, is the most effective mosquito control method. Since adult mosquitoes seldom travel more than 1 kilometer, source control in a neighborhood can be extremely effective and quite non-toxic - Rebecca Watson

Mosquito Repellants

But DEET isn't the only weapon. Products containing the active ingredients picaridin and IR 3535 are as effective - Daniel A. Strickman PhD

Mosquito Spraying

Unfortunately, despite marketing claims, these sprays don’t just harm mosquitoes. The most widely used residential mosquito sprays are also highly toxic to native pollinators such as bees and butterflies, fish and other aquatic organisms, and they can even pose a risk to pets and people. Here’s what you need to know before spraying - David Mizejewski & David Weber


The deadliest killer in human history might not be guns or bombs, cancer or car accidents. It’s a pesky insect that most of us don’t think twice about: the mosquito - Hope Reese

Motion Sickness

Life isn't fair. One of the clearest instances of this is the mysterious illness scientists call kinetosis — which most people know as motion sickness - Joseph Stromberg

Motor Vehicle Accidents

New vehicle technologies developed in the 20th century—from seat belts to air bags to child seats—were once controversial, but after having saved hundreds of thousands of American lives, they are now considered indispensable - NHTSA

Mouth Infections

An oral infection doesn’t always cause pain. Bad breath, fever, swelling in the gums, glands or jaw, or a strange taste in the mouth can indicate the presence of an infection - Zeyad Mady DDS

Mouth Sores

Since not all oral sores are benign, a careful differential diagnosis is important. The two most common types are canker sores (recurrent aphthous stomatitis) and cold sores (herpetic lesions) - Stuart L. Segelnick DDS


Is mouthwash really good for your mouth? Turns out, the answer is yes and no - Kirsten Stewart

Movember ‘stache It's a Hairy Situation

Although you might not like it, remember that the Movember ‘stache is short lived, but we don’t want our men to be

Movement Disorders

In recent years, there has been tremendous growth in new diagnostic information, pharmacological and neurosurgical treatments for Movement Disorders, as well as a greater understanding of impaired motor control function - MDS


Everybody loves a good movie! They'll make you laugh, cry, and may even teach you something! So grab a big bowl of popcorn, your remote control, and settle in for the night - HWN

Movies Michael Crichton The Passing of a Legend

Michael Crichton didn’t win a Pulitzer or a national book award for his writings, however, his books sold as many as 150 million copies around the globe. And there is no doubt that he contributed to a healthier world in more ways than one!

Moyamoya Disease

MMD is a cerebrovascular occlusive disease with the potential to cause stroke, epilepsy, and neurological deficits in adults and children alike - Apurv Gupta

Mpox (Monkeypox)

To be clear, monkeypox isn’t COVID—they’re different diseases caused by different viruses with markedly different properties. COVID was completely unfamiliar when it first appeared, but monkeypox is a known quantity, and experts on the virus actually exist - Ed Yong


To be clear, monkeypox isn’t COVID—they’re different diseases caused by different viruses with markedly different properties. COVID was completely unfamiliar when it first appeared, but monkeypox is a known quantity, and experts on the virus actually exist - Ed Yong

MR Angiography

The benefits of an MRA in comparison to traditional angiography is that it is noninvasive, it lacks ionizing radiation exposure, it has the potential for a non-contrast examination and it has the ability of high-resolution volumetric images - Alessandro De Leucio;


The benefits of an MRA in comparison to traditional angiography is that it is noninvasive, it lacks ionizing radiation exposure, it has the potential for a non-contrast examination and it has the ability of high-resolution volumetric images - Alessandro De Leucio;

MRCP (MR cholangiopancreatography)

It has now an established role in the investigation of many biliary disorders, serving as a non-invasive alternative to endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) - Nyree Griffin


Unlike CT, MRI can show pictures along many planes--the axial, saggital plane (side to side) and the coronal plane (front to back)--enabling physicians to see images that were previously impossible to visualize except during autopsy - Scientific American


The dream of mRNA persevered in part because its core principle was tantalizingly simple, even beautiful: The world’s most powerful drug factory might be inside all of us - Derek Thompso

mRNA Vaccines

It’s going to be transforming. It is already transforming for Covid-19, but also for other vaccines. H.I.V. — people in the field are already excited. Influenza, malaria - Anthony Fauci


MRSA should be a top political priority in the United States and globally - Jeanine Thomas, founder, MRSA Survivors Network


Treatment for MS continues to remain just as difficult as making the diagnosis and currently, there is no cure for MS despite allegations suggesting otherwise

MS & Montel Williams

I have one of the biggest mouths on this planet, and I decided to keep using it until everyone, everywhere, knows about MS, what can be done to fight it, and a cure is found - Montel Williams

MS Could This Be The Cure

Currently, there is no cure for MS. However 'the Zamboni' a new theory and possible treatment challenges the established concept of MS being an autoimmune disease

MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)

Few ingredients inspire as much fear as MSG, or monosodium glutamate. While an overtly chemical name and a similarity in appearance to salt certainly don’t help its case - Jake Smith

MTHFR Gene Mutation

The best, scientifically vetted, condition we can tie to MTHFR is homocysteine - Dr. Gina Leisching


The mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) diseases are a group of seven rare, genetic, metabolic disorders. They are often named after the person that first described the phenotype, resulting in a wide variety of disorder names, for example, Hurler, Hunter, Sanfilippo and Morquio. But when referred to by their MPS name, for example, MPS I, II, III and IV, they start to sound like a family of disorders -

Mucopolysaccharidosis type II

Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) and mucolipidosis (ML) are genetic lysosomal storage diseases (LSD) caused by the body’s inability to produce specific enzymes. The missing or insufficient enzyme prevents cells from recycling waste, resulting in the storage of materials in cells throughout the body - National MPS Society

Mucormycosis (Black Fungus)

Though rare, this infection has been around for decades, but only impacts those with health conditions and significantly weakened immune systems - Manavi Kapur


Don’t use mixed medication mouthwash, commonly termed “magic mouthwash,” to prevent or manage cancer treatment-induced oral mucositis - Choosing Wisely


With such a unique history and endless uses, muesli may just become your newest breakfast staple - Sarah Arora

Multi-Cancer Early Detection (MCED) Tests

The world of cancer screening is on the cusp of a transformative shift with the rise of MCED tests - Robert Volk PhD

Multifocal Motor Neuropathy (MMN)

MMN is sometimes mistaken for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease) but unlike ALS, MMN is treatable. A careful nerve conduction study can help lead to an accurate diagnosis - PolyNeuro Exchange

Multiple Myeloma

Yes, myeloma – its progression, its recession – is highly suited to being charted and graphed. We measure and chart our numbers, trying to make sense of them, hoping we are not reading tea leaves - April Nelson

Multiple Personality Disorder

The easiest way to describe having DID is that there is a fissure in my personality. There is an alternate side of me that handles the "burdens" of life or the things that are a bit too heavy for me to handle - Demeter Gray

Multiple Pregnancy (Twins Triplets Quadruplets Quintuplets)

Fertility procedures have pushed multiple births higher, prompting policy changes - Katie Peek

Multiple Sclerosis

I have one of the biggest mouths on this planet, and I decided to keep using it until everyone, everywhere, knows about MS, what can be done to fight it, and a cure is found - Montel Williams

Multiple Sclerosis & Ann Romney

"Most people, when they get to empty, they have a reserve tank. But with MS you go to empty, you are on empty" - Ann Romney

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Management

We have a variety of drugs that, due to their powerful anti-inflammatory/immunosuppressive effects, decrease the rate of relapse and radiological activity, thus slowing the onset of disability. However, by acting in an immunologically nonspecific manner and suppressing one or more branches of the immune response, these treatments have the potential to cause serious adverse effects. In this context, cell therapy appears to be a promising strategy - M. J. Mansilla

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Research

What is exciting about the discovery that Epstein-Barr is necessary for M.S. is that it raises the prospect that a vaccine could prevent that disease — as well as other serious conditions — even if we never understand precisely why the virus behaves as it does in a given individual - Kim Tingley


Everyone in multisports, whether triathlons, duathlons, XTERRA, or running, was once a Newbie…and look at them now. How did they get to where they are now? They decided to do it, planned their

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome

Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children is a form of cytokine storm syndrome. To the extent that we understand Covid-19, we understand MIS-C - Sharon Ostfeld-Johns


So far, it seems that multivitamins aren't the magic pills many people think they are. We don't need a daily multivitamin, and our health isn't improved by taking one - Eliseo Guallar


It's also important for people to understand that mumps can sometimes develop into serious complications, including deafness, sterility and even death - Dr. Kohn

Munchausen syndrome

Munchausen syndrome by proxy is a rare, bizarre disorder. Why are so many women being accused of it? - Margaret Talbot

Murine Typhus (Flea-Borne)

Both poverty and climate change, experts in vector-borne disease have warned, are sure to make diseases like typhus once again common throughout the U.S. - Ed Cara

Muscarinic Antagonists

Antimuscarinic drugs block muscarinic acetylcholine receptors. If restricted to the lung by inhalation and their chemical properties, these drugs cause bronchodilation and inhibition of mucus secretion with relatively few side-effects - Natalies Casebook

Muscle Cramps

A commonly thought reason for muscle cramps is a lack of certain nutrients. While this is true, there are also various other reasons that can cause these often unbearable muscle cramps - Juliette Steen

Muscle Mass

Muscle mass has an important role in preventing both mortality and declining physical function - P Srikanthan and A S Karlamangla

Muscle Pain

Muscle soreness can happen in the best trained athlete, it can happen in the least trained athlete - Thomas Brickner

Muscle Stimulators

EMS is mostly meant for athletic training and performance enhancement — which is speculative and somewhat optimistic but not necessarily totally out to lunch - Paul Ingraham

Muscular Dystrophy

There's hope for patients with myotonic dystrophy - Liz Ahlberg

Musculoskeletal Health

Musculoskeletal conditions make up 2 percent of the global disease burden. Osteoarthritis accounts for the largest portion - The Bone and Joint Decade

Mushrooms (Fungi)

Whilst there is little scientific evidence to support the medicinal benefits of mushrooms, they’ve featured in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries - Kayleen Devlin

Music & Health

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life - Berthold Auerbach

Mustard Gas

We have not seen the last of mustard gas, which made its last acknowledged appearance in the Iran-Iraq war. Frequently, those things that are most destructive can be tamed for medical use - Johnathan Frunzi


New vehicle technologies developed in the 20th century—from seat belts to air bags to child seats—were once controversial, but after having saved hundreds of thousands of American lives, they are now considered indispensable - NHTSA

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis ME

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), commonly known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or ME/CFS, is a devastating multi-system disease that causes dysfunction of the neurological, immune, endocrine and energy metabolism systems - #ME Action

Myasthenia gravis

You don’t know MG until you’ve been on Mestinon and then are deprived from it for an entire day - A hitchhikers guide to Myasthenia Gravis

Myasthenic Crisis

The tried and true emergency medicine axiom of Airway, Airway, Airway is critical for the management of myasthenic patients - Kumar Ghandi MD

Mycoplasma Genitalium

MG is talked about much less than other more well-known STIs, like chlamydia, so chances are your knowledge of the potential superbug is scant - Melissa Matthews

Mycoplasma Pneumoniae

Mycoplasma pneumoniae, previously called “walking pneumonia,” is pathogenic in humans - Jeannette Y. Wick RPh

Mycosis Fungoides

No one knows what causes CTCL, and Sezary is aggressive. I can expect somewhere between two to four years left on this planet and after that all bets are off - Shilo Zylbergold

Mycotic Aneursym

Infected (mycotic) aneurysms (MA) are uncommon, and the aorta is the main vessel involved, with gram-positive bacteria being the most frequent causative agent -

Mydriasis (Dilated Pupil)

Isolated iridoplegia or internal ophthalmoplegia may be due to impairment of the effector muscles in the eye, defective parasympathetic innervation, or the presence of atropinic substances in the eye - H. Stanley Thompson MD

Myelodysplastic Syndromes

Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) represent a heterogeneous group of myeloid neoplasms that are characterized by ineffective hematopoiesis, variable cytopenias, and a risk of progression to acute myeloid leukemia - Uwe Platzbecker


Each individual journey with MF is unique, and how it may change over time can vary from person to person - Voices of MPN


Since the introduction of MRI into clinical routine in the mid-1980s, the role of myelography seemed to be constantly less important in spinal diagnostics, but it remains a method that is probably even superior to MRI for special issues - C Ozdoba et al


The term myelopathy describes pathologic conditions that cause spinal cord, meningeal or perimeningeal space damage or dysfunction - Ana María Granados Sánchez

Myeloproliferative Disorders

Myeloproliferative neoplasms, also called myeloproliferative disorders, are a spectrum of blood cancers*, ranging from mild to more aggressive conditions. There are three main types of MPNs called essential thrombocythaemia (ET), polycythaemia vera (PV) and myelofibrosis (MF). - MPN Voice


As far as the average maggot is concerned, whether medicinal or not, its main purpose in life is to eat, grow, and reproduce. However, there are maggots whose destiny is to help both animals and humans. They are bred for the task - Robin Tricoles

Myocardial Infarction

We’ve all heard of arm pain and chest discomfort as possible signs, but the list doesn’t end there. Here’s what you need to know - Julie Peirano


Viral infections commonly cause myocarditis; however, in the developing world, rheumatic carditis following streptococcal infection and certain bacterial infections, such as diphtheria contribute to the global burden of disease- Leslie Cooper MD

Myocarditis & Covid

Fears that COVID-19 can cause the cardiac inflammation called myocarditis have grown, as doctors report seeing previously healthy people whose COVID-19 experience is trailed by myocarditis-induced heart failure - Jennifer Couzin-Frankel

Myoclonus Dystonia

Myoclonus– dystonia syndrome (MDS) is an inherited movement disorder with onset in childhood or adolescence. It is characterized by myoclonic jerks and dystonia in variable combination, usually being myoclonus the predominant and most disabling symptom - Nardo Nardocci MD


The causation is numerous, but the most common is poor biomechanical hygiene - Rensay Davis DC


Myopathies are a heterogeneous group of conditions with diverse aetiologies. They usually affect muscle without involving the nervous system or any disorder of the neuromuscular junction -


Researchers expect eyesight to worsen across the globe thanks to more screens and less time outdoors - Julie Beck


Living with myositis, or any chronic illness, requires certain adjustments. It is important to make healthy choices for ourself - no one else will - It's Myositis


You don't want to be an April fool -- or any kind of fool -- when it comes to your health - Jean Lawrence

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Coming Soon - Stitches, the innovative chat app from the creators of HWN. Join meaningful conversations on health and medical topics. Share text, images, and videos seamlessly. Connect directly within HWN's topic pages and articles.

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