I think it’s because it’s a prescription drug – people assume it’s safe - Jack Crane MD


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Tramadol a Less Risky Painkiller? ER Visits Say Otherwise

There aren’t a lot of guarantees in life but you can always count on some sort of painkiller backlash in the news. Always. The latest culprit is Tramadol, a post-surgical and/or arthritis-soothing painkiller that’s sending users to emergency rooms in alarming numbers...

Originally approved by the FDA in 2005 as a less potent alternative to other narcotic prescription painkillers, authorities started to question the validity of the claim that Tramadol is less addictive when the number of prescriptions for it reached 45 million in 2014. Since August 2014, the Drug Enforcement Administration has classified Tramadol as as a Schedule IV controlled substance, putting it in the same…

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Last Updated : Saturday, July 18, 2020