ACL Injury

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ACL Injury
ACL Injury

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ACL Injury and Surgery: Success and Failure

The ACL knee ligament injury story is slowly changing. There are some very positive highlights, some shockingly bad outcomes, and a few mixed observations. Here is an update from a recent meeting in Sweden, which included some of the world’s top ACL surgeons.

Positive: Our understanding of ACL anatomy is improving. Some surgeons are discarding the old “bundle” theory, instead describing the ACL as a “ribbon” which twists with knee flexion. This new model guides us in determining exactly where the ACL should be inserted, and should improve outcomes.

Negative: Using hamstrings as ACL replacements is rapidly declining in popularity. The results are inferior to the…

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 ACL Injury and Surgery: Success and Failure

ACL injury remains a devastating trauma for athletes. While we have become knowledgeable about how to repair the injury, there remains much room for improvement. Avoid the injury if you can.

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