Contradictory as it seems, malnutrition is a key contributor to obesity - Madeleine M. Kunin


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Obesity now kills more people worldwide than car crashes, terror attacks, and Alzheimer's combined

Look around you, and it’s not hard to see how serious the problem of obesity has become in America. People here are now bigger, and suffering from more obesity-related diseases, than ever before — prompting cities across the country to desperately try to fight back with measures like soda taxes and calorie labels.

Travel beyond the US borders, though, and you’ll see the same problem elsewhere: Obesity is now a growing phenomenon in just about every corner of the world, in poor and rich countries alike.

That’s the big take-home message from an impressive new study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine. A global group of researchers, funded by the Bill and Melinda…

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 Obesity now kills more people worldwide than car crashes, terror attacks, and Alzheimer's combined

Five takeaways from a giant study on an epidemic governments can’t ignore.

Campaign to End Obesity

The Campaign to End Obesity Action Fund collaborates with leaders from the Administration, Congress and federal agencies on legislation and policies to reverse the obesity epidemic.

Obesity Action Coalition

The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) is a nearly 50,000 member-strong 501(c)(3) National non-profit organization dedicated to giving a voice to the individual affected by the disease of obesity and helping individuals along their journey toward better health through education, advocacy and support.

Obesity Prevention

Bloomberg Philanthropies is stepping up to combat this growing and deadly trend by helping to identify and implement policies that aim to halt, and ideally reverse, the global rise in obesity. Bloomberg Philanthropies launched the Obesity Prevention Program to support policies targeted at preventing obesity among individuals in Mexico. If proven successful, these policies can be used in other low- and middle-income countries.

Obesity Society

The Obesity Society is the leading scientific society dedicated to the study of obesity. Since 1982, The Obesity Society has been committed to encouraging research on the causes and treatment of obesity, and to keeping the medical community and public informed of new advances.


ObesityWeek has something for every scientist, physician, surgeon, allied health professional, and policy maker interested in solving one of the world’s biggest public health problem. ObesityWeek is a unique, international event focused on the basic science, clinical application, surgical intervention and prevention of obesity.

STOP Obesity Alliance

The STOP Obesity Alliance will foster change in society's perceptions of, and approaches to, preventing and treating obesity in the context of the real-world environment in which we live.

The State of Obesity

The State of Obesity (formerly F as in Fat) has raised awareness about the seriousness of the obesity epidemic, encouraged the creation of a national obesity prevention strategy and highlighted promising approaches for reversing the epidemic at the state and local level. The State of Obesity is a collaborative project of the Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and is supported by a grant from the Foundation.

Walk from Obesity

The Walk from Obesity is the nation’s largest gathering of individuals affected by obesity. In cities all across the country, those focused on addressing obesity will join forces and walk to raise money for research, education, prevention and treatment of obesity.

World Obesity

World Obesity Federation represents professional members of the scientific, medical and research communities from over 50 regional and national obesity associations. Through our membership we create a global community of organisations dedicated to solving the problems of obesity. Our mission is to lead and drive global efforts to reduce, prevent and treat obesity.

American Board of Obesity Medicine

The American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) serves the public and the field of obesity medicine by establishing a credentialing protocol and maintaining standards for assessment and certification of candidate physicians.

American Obesity Treatment Association

AOTA was formed to bring together individuals who are facing the often life-long struggle with obesity. Whether you are beginning to address your weight issues, you have been fighting the battle for a long-time, or you have 30 pounds or 300 pounds to lose, you are not alone in this journey.

American Society For Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery Foundation

The Mission of the ASMBS Foundation is to raise funds for conducting research and education, increasing public and scientific awareness and understanding, and improving access to quality care and treatment of obesity and morbid obesity.

Association for Pet Obesity Prevention

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) has launched campaigns to fight pet obesity within the veterinary medical community, veterinary schools, and state and local veterinary organizations, and has reached out to various media outlets. We are made up of dedicated veterinarians and veterinary healthcare personnel who are committed to making the lives of dogs, cats, all other animals and people healthier and more vital.

Canadian Obesity Network

Mission: to act as a catalyst for addressing obesity in Canada and as a platform to foster knowledge translation, capacity building and partnerships among stakeholders so that researchers, health professionals, policy makers, industry and other stakeholders may develop effective solutions to prevent and treat obesity.

Cardiometabolic Health Congress

The CMHC provides unprecedented access to the largest U.S.-based multidisciplinary cardiometabolic risk summit of 1,500+ clinicians world-renowned faculty, plenary sessions, and interactive case-based symposia to deliver on all counts – translating the most current clinical data into real-world solutions that will undoubtedly make a significant impact on your daily practice.

Cardiometabolic Risk Summit

The Primary Care Cardiometabolic Risk Summit is dedicated to translating late-breaking clinical research on cardiometabolic syndrome risk reduction into practical and targeted education that can easily be applied to real-world clinical scenarios in the primary care setting.


Obesity is an epidemic in the United States and in other developed countries. More than two-thirds of Americans are overweight, including at least one in five children. Nearly one-third are obese.

National Childhood Obesity Foundation

To be the most current and effective international nutritional and physical activity health education resource for gatekeepers of children.

Scientific American

Various articles dealing with obesity.


Overweight and obesity are major risk factors for a number of chronic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Once considered a problem only in high income countries, overweight and obesity are now dramatically on the rise in low- and middle-income countries, particularly in urban settings.

World Congress On Insulin Resistance, Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease

Serves to inform people on insulin resistance syndrome and other metabolic conditions.

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