Antifungal Drugs

The recent rate of emergence of pathogenic fungi that are resistant to the limited number of commonly used antifungal agents is unprecedented - Matthew C. Fisher

Antifungal Drugs
Antifungal Drugs

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Drug-Resistant Fungi: An Emerging Challenge Threatening Our Limited Antifungal Armamentarium

The urgency for new antifungal classes is growing as cases have increased... once-treatable fungi are becoming resistant. Furthermore, only one approved class of antifungal drugs, the azoles, can be taken orally. Due to increasing resistance rates against azoles and echinocandins, invasive Candida infections have become more difficult to treat, given the limited number of classes of antifungals currently available. This limitation in antifungal treatment options was prominently highlighted by the emergence of C. auris, a multidrug-resistant species, which has been associated with outbreaks worldwide and led to clinical alerts to U.S. and European healthcare facilities

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 Drug-Resistant Fungi: An Emerging Challenge Threatening Our Limited Antifungal Armamentarium

The increasing frequency of drug resistance in Candida and Aspergillus poses a serious threat to human health as there remains a limited number of systemic antifungal drugs available to treat IFIs.


The recommended dosage of DIFLUCAN for vaginal candidiasis is 150 mg as a single oral dose.


Antifungal drugs represent a pharmacologically diverse group of drugs that are crucial components in the modern medical management of mycoses. While antimycotic pharmacology has advanced significantly, particularly in the last three decades, common invasive fungal infections still carry a high mortality rate:

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