White coat syndrome

There is arguably no less understood or more intriguing problem in hypertension that the “white coat” condition, the standard concept of which is significantly blood pressure reading obtained by medical personnel of authoritative standing than that obtained by more junior and less authoritative personnel and by the patients themselves - Dennis A Bloomfield and Alex Park

White coat syndrome

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A White Coat Syndrome Story

Your name is called. You are ushered into an exam room and seated on the edge of the exam table. Nurse Megan comes in, gets your weight and measures you pulse/oxygen level. Your weight is unchanged and your pulse/ox is better than 98%. She puts a blood pressure cuff on your preferred arm and records a level of 150/95. She tells you the doctor will be with you soon, walks out and closes the exam room door. How are you feeling now? Are you calm and relaxed or maybe a bit anxious and stressed?

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