Vasodilators are not commonly used alone to treat ongoing high blood pressure because of the significant drop in blood pressure that they cause, which may lead to heart palpitations or rapid heartbeat - Robin Parks MS


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Vasodilator Drugs

Vasodilators are used to treat hypertension, heart failure and angina; however, some vasodilators are better suited than others for these indications. Some vasodilators that act primarily on resistance vessels (arterial dilators) are used for hypertension, and heart failure, and angina; however, reflex cardiac stimulation makes some arterial dilators unsuitable for angina.

Venous dilators are very effective for angina, and sometimes used for heart failure, but are not used as primary therapy for hypertension. Most vasodilator drugs are mixed (or balanced) vasodilators in that they dilate both arteries and veins and therefore can have wide application in hypertension, heart failure…

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